Wallee Pack Black 400 Count

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Wallee Pack Black

Meet Wallee, the newest addition to our range of child-resistant exit packaging. The Wallee Pack is the first of its kind, a wearable child-resistant exit bag that patients can use again and again.

Designed to be worn like a backpack but to be used by dispensaries as an exit bag, the Wallee Pack can store more and do more including marketing and advertising. With bigger space to get your business logo or slogan printed, with better durability and bigger capacity, this exit packaging serves as a permanent reusable product that carries your brand. Basically, it’s a branded accessory that meets your packaging and marketing needs.

This bag is certified child-resistant and comes with a safety clip and opaque design so contents are not visible from the outside. This new innovation has certainly redefined how the industry approaches packaging. Use this in your dispensary and be able to provide your customers with child-resistant packaging with iconic branding. Also available in hand-carry/small satchel variety.

  • Color:  Black
  • Material:   Cloth
  • Quantity per order: 400