Storage, Display & Curing

Aside from offering a wide range of storage containers, Dispensary Necessities also carries supplies needed by those who grow their own flowers. We have the necessary tools for bud drying, bud curing, and storing. From the simple and straightforward airtight plastic containers to the state-of-the-art stainless steel CVault curing and storage containers, Dispensary Necessities can provide your dispensary with exactly what your customers need.

At Dispensary Necessities, you will find durable, space-efficient, and attractive containers that can securely protect buds from oxygen, too much moisture, and light. We carry the bestselling humidity controlled containers from top brand CVault. These are food-grade stainless steel containers that are lightproof and are particularly designed for tobacco products. They come with silicone seal that ensures real airtight seal so your product will stay fresh for weeks and even months.

The CVault containers also feature a multi latch design, a wide mouth, and a Boveda pack holder. Every CVault curing container, be it the personal extra small size or the commercial 4-Liter container, is designed to lock in product freshness. When you store buds in a CVault Dispensary size container, you can be certain that you are offering the absolute freshest to your customers.

Our CVault containers are available in different sizes to meet your customers’ specific needs. These curing containers are easily stackable so they save space.

Dispensary Necessities also has screen boxes. These box sifters are pretty straightforward featuring a mesh monofilament screen and a collection card. You have the option to select whether you want one with a solid top, a glass top, or a dual screen. All of these screen boxes come with a magnetic closure and humidity-controlled barriers. These box sifters are available in sizes that will easily fit in a small backpack.

The dispensary supplies available at Dispensary Necessities are constructed from quality materials and through fine craftsmanship. You can feel safe in knowing that the supplies we offer are durable enough to withstand frequent use.

View our full range of storage and packaging containers, handling and processing supplies, prescription and exit bags, and display and curing supplies and see how low our prices can go. Shop wholesale and enjoy bigger savings plus you’ll get free shipping if you order at least $200 worth of dispensary essentials. Make Dispensary Necessities your go-to supply shop from now on.