Sure, there are many ways to consume herb but some folks just want to stick with the good old simplicity and ritual of rolling and lighting up. Address their needs and keep a steady supply of the best rolling papers in the market today.

Browse our collection now and shop for the best wraps at the best wholesale prices.

Quality Smoking Papers

Dispensary Necessities can supply you with just about any kind of rolling paper to accommodate your customers’ needs. We carry easy to use wraps made from wood pulp which offers medium to fast burn rate. Also available are very thin, slow-burning rolling papers made from rice and the mild, sweet and musky rolling papers made from 100% all natural hemp fiber. You can also find unbleached and unrefined see-through rolling papers that contain no trace of chalk, dye or burn additives. Looking for fully flavored papers? We have strawberry, cotton candy, mango, peaches n’ cream, and even maple syrup!

Our vast selection of rolling papers also features small and translucent single wide papers, double wide papers for thick cones, and king size papers for huge joints. The standard size 1 ¼” rolling papers preferred by those with moderate to low tolerances are likewise available. We can supply you with 1.5-inch papers great for group sizes of 1-3 people. For conscientious smokers, we have rolling papers in different thickness including free-burning thick, medium weight, lightweight and extra fine.

A Ton of Different Rolling Paper Options

Give your customers plenty of options and stock a variety of wraps for them to choose from. Offer choices for those who prefer to take their time by themselves and those who are looking to smoke in a group. Introduce a wide array of rolling papers to your market and help your customers get the most out of their smoke once they’ve found “the one.”    

Count on Dispensary Necessities to supply you with rolling papers in all shapes and sizes at cost-effective prices. We have the well-loved, smooth-smoking, thin rolling papers from the popular brand Raw. Also available are the rice and sugar rolling papers from Elements which gained a loyal following because of the nearly ashless experience it gives. Our online store also carries the classic “Made in France” natural flax fiber rolling papers perfected by the famous brand Zig Zag. And then there is also the oh-so-flavorful Juicy Jay’s flavored rolling papers that are guaranteed to add some flavor and spice to every smoking experience.

Find all these and more at the best prices only here at Dispensary Necessities. We also carry durable metal grinders, lightweight travel herb grinders, and a whole lot of smoke shop supplies.

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