There are various ways to consume legal marijuana in California – from bongs and joints to topicals and edibles - you can be as creative as you want in order to get that pleasant THC body buzz. Apparently, cigars are still very much in high demand despite the availability of pipes, bowls and other devices that can turn flowers into gas. Seemingly, cannabis has also made its way into the health scene and hemp blunt wraps are became the healthy alternative to smoking cannabis.

To please consumers who prefer to skip the nicotine (and also take cannabis with as little effort as possible), we offer to supply your dispensary with quality blunt wraps. Check our impressive collection of wraps, cones, and rolling papers from top brands such as Kingpin, High Hemp, and Cyclone. We have organic, all-natural wraps as well as flavored rolled cones. We offer wraps comprised of 100% organic hemp, banana leaf, or palm leaf. Looking for vegan wraps? We’ve got those, too. 

Our tobacco-free wraps are perfect for those who want to consume medical or legal cannabis without having to subject themselves to the health and addiction risks of nicotine. These nicotine-free wraps feel, roll and smoke like the typical blunt wrap. They are easy to bend and fold and won’t leave fingers coated in residue. 

Slow-burning wraps in mini, slim, and king sizes are available to suit different preferences. We carry wraps that envelop buds like snap-on bracelets, perfect for novice rollers. The crowd-favourite pre-made or stuff-able cones are also available.

We want every blunt aficionado to have an enjoyable, 100% pure smoking experience so we’ve carefully chosen products that will allow them to savor each smoke and have a solid smoke session. Whether one likes to burn it sweet like a mango or fresh and minty, Dispensary Necessities can provide the right kinds of wraps to make each smoke time more pleasant. 

Dispensary Necessities can also supply you with reliable, easy to use blunt rolling device so you’ll always have a perfect and tight roll regardless if you want it short or fat or in any other shape or size.  Get your blunt wraps online at Dispensary Necessities and save big as you keep your dispensary inventory complete with the best smoke supplies. 

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