Ensure that the high quality flowers and concentrates you sell stay that way by using tamper-evident shrink bands. Conveniently and cost-effectively protect product integrity through the use of these PVC plastic sleeves that snugly fit into caps when heat is applied to it.

These reverse cap shrink bands are designed specifically for sealing containers or bottles with reversible caps. Reversible caps are those with push and turn closure on one side and screw on closure on another side. These reverse cap shrink bands are easy to use and are effective in providing an added level of protection to packaged buds and concentrates. Each shrink band is designed with perforation for easy removal.

To use, slip a sleeve onto the bottle’s cap and neck connection and apply heat using a heat gun. See the plastic band gradually shrink and fit snugly around the opening of the bottle or container. These bands cannot be reapplied once removed so it can give your customers the peace of mind as they get assured that contents have not been changed or tampered with.

APPLICATION TIP 1: The container must not have a smooth, straight-sided cap and neck area. Otherwise, the shrink band will simply slip. Shrink bands will work best on containers with “lip” on the cap and neck area so that the bands will have something to anchor itself onto.

APPLICATION TIP 2: Ensure that heat application is even. Too little heat will result to a loose and ill-fitting fit. Too much heat, on the other hand, will cause over-shrinking which will make the band tear at the perforation.

These reverse cap shrink bands are indeed a great solution for professionally, safely, and compliantly packaging regulated products like recreational and medical herb. These shrink bands are best used together with child-resistant packaging such as reversible CR caps.

These tiny bands’ value and benefit surely outweighs its miniscule cost. So get a bundle of 1,000 shrink bands in three sizes today and from now on use these tamper-evident bands in keeping your products safe and secure.

Available sizes are as follows:

  • 94mm x 40mm x .05mm >> Fits 40 Dram & 60 Dram Vials with Reversible Caps
  • 83mm x 40mm x .05mm >> Fits 20 Dram & 30 Dram Vials with Reversible Caps
  • 68mm x 40mm x .05mm >> Fits 13 Dram Vials with Reversible Caps
  • 57mm x 40mm x .05mm >> Fits 8 Dram Vials with Reversible Caps

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