Pop Top Bottle Shrink Bands

There are many ways to make your packaging tamper-evident and the most convenient and cost-effective is through the use of shrink bands.

Shrink bands are plastic sleeves that shrink snugly around containers when heat is applied. These bands, which may be transparent or colored, are primarily used to prevent tampering of packaged goods. These single-use tamper-evident bands provide a visual method of determining if a package has been previously opened as torn or damaged shrink bands cannot be reapplied again.

Shrink bands also provide added protection as it prevents moisture, air, dirt and dust from entering the container. These bands are more economical than using tamper-evident caps. Most shrink bands come with vertical perforation for easy removal.


The featured products below are shrink bands designed specifically for pop top bottles. These bands are made from high-clarity PVC plastic and are available in several band sizes to fit pop top bottles of different capacities. These shrink bands are clear or transparent (see-through) so they won’t affect the color/style/appeal of your chosen product packaging. Packaged in bundles of 1,000, these bands give the best value for your money.

  • 86mm x 50mm x .05mm >> Fits 30 Dram and 60 Dram Pop Top Bottles
  • 72mm x 35mm x .05mm >> Fits 19 Dram Pop Top Bottles
  • 62mm x 35mm x .05mm >> Fits 13 Dram Pop Top Bottles

By sealing pop top bottles in these clear shrink bands, you gain product security from packaging to shelf. By using shrink bands, you get to protect your product from opening during transport, reduce damaged goods, and show your customers that you care about their safety. Tamper-evident shrink bands also provide an attractive and professional appearance to your packaged products.

Applying shrink bands to pop top bottles is fast and easy. No expensive equipment, investment or training necessary. Just use our well-rated, lightweight, low-noise, easy to use and handy Wagner Heat Tool Gun to quickly and conveniently apply even heat to bands. A few seconds is all it takes for the band to form a tight seal around the bottle’s lid.

Meet the strict packaging requirements for retail distribution of medical and recreational herb by shopping for compliant packaging here at Dispensary Necessities. Aside from high-quality shrink bands, we also have child-resistant containers, child-resistant reversible caps, and other dispensary essentials. Purchase at least $200 worth of dispensary necessities and get free shipping!

  • Shrink Band (Fits Pop Top 30 & 60 Dram) - 1000 Units

    Build customer loyalty easily by making sure your products are of top-notch quality. And one way to ensure that your product’s quality is not compromised after packaging is through the use of shrink bands. Shrink bands are meant to ensure that...

  • Shrink Band (Fits Pop Top 19 Dram) - 1000 Units

    Give your herbal packaging a tamper evident seal through the use of shrink bands. These PVC plastic bands assure your customers of the safety and quality of the product that they’ve purchased. Because shrink bands cannot be reapplied once removed,...

  • Shrink Band (Fits Pop Top 13 Dram) - 1000 Units

    Get these easy-to-apply shrink bands and add more value to your products. Simply apply the band by hand around the cap/cover and neck of the bottle and apply heat using a heat gun (like our Wagner Heat Tool Gun). A snug fit will be formed and voila! You...

  • Wagner Heat Tool Gun - Shrink Wrapping - 1200 Watts

    What a high quality and versatile heat gun at an affordable price! This Wagner Heat Tool Gun is the perfect device to use together with our shrink bands. It delivers just the right amount of heat to melt or shrink PVC plastic and get our shrink bands...