Package your products in a safer and more professional manner by using shrink bands. Our glass shrink bands are available in various sizes to fit different glass containers, from 1oz to 18oz size.

These shrink bands lay flat and are made from shrinkable PVC plastic. PVC is a thin, clear plastic that has excellent oxygen barrier. This means that a PVC shrink band wrapped around the tight-sealing cap of a container can provide additional protection against moisture. By sealing your glass jars and bottles with a shrink band, your products will no longer be vulnerable to damage caused by moisture, excess oxygen, dust or dirt. You can count on these flat PVC shrink bands to securely seal glass jars and bottles, keep contents from spilling, and maintain product freshness.

Shrink bands wrapped around bottle and jar caps also prevent tampering. Consumers can easily recognize if your product has been opened because the plastic band is removed or damaged. Once the shrink band has been removed or torn, it cannot be reapplied.


Wrapping shrink bands onto container is easy and can be done in just a few seconds. To use, simply slide a clear shrink band over the top of the bottle. Apply heat using a heat tool gun like our Wagner 1200 Watts Heat Gun for Shrink Wrapping. (We highly recommend the use of a heat gun than a basic hair dryer for faster and more even heat application.) After the heat is applied, wait for a few seconds to allow the bands to shrink to fit. Now your goods will be ready for retail distribution.

If you are looking for a budget-friendly way to provide tamper-evident protection to your packaged products, simply get these shrink bands in different sizes. These bands are designed with vertical perforation for easy removal of the seal. The bands are clear or transparent so they won’t interfere with the color/style/design of caps.

With the use of these shrink bands, you can easily, conveniently and cost-effectively show your customers your commitment to product protection.

Available sizes:

  • 140mm x 120mm x .05mm >>   18 oz glass vials >> 1000 units per order
  • 110mm x 125mm x .05mm >> 10 oz glass jars >> 1000 units per order
  • 90mm x 45mm x .05mm >> 4 oz glass jars >> 1000 units per order
  • 90mm x 30mm x .05mm >> 2 oz glass vials >> 1000 units per order
  • 65mm x 30mm x .05mm >> 1 oz glass jars >> 1000 units per order

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