Shrink Bands Tamper Evident

The best packaging supplies can be obtained at the most reasonable prices here at Dispensary Necessities. Aside from concentrate containers, dropper bottles, glass jars, childproof containers, pop top bottles, and smellproof bags, we also offer tamper-evident shrink bands so that the closure of the bottles and containers you use for packaging come with a completely tight seal.

What exactly are shrink bands?

A shrink band is a packaging material made from polymer plastic film. It is a plastic casing or band that is applied around the area where the bottle/jar’s neck and the cap/lid meets. Heat is necessary to make the band fit snugly on wherever it is placed.

Why should we use shrink bands?

Shrink bands are used primarily to prevent tampering hence the name, tamper-evident shrink bands.  Any tampering will be noticeable immediately on bottles or containers with tamper evident shrink bands because these bands cannot be resealed when removed, damaged, or tampered.  Use these bands to meet the strict packaging requirements of distributing products. By using tamper evident shrink bands, you get to protect not just your customers but also your business, brand and reputation. A tight seal over the closure of a packaged product implies that you care about quality because you made an extra effort in protecting what’s inside the container.  Shrink bands securely seal vials, jars, tins and bottles and keep products fresh and safely stored in an air tight container.

Dispensary Necessities offers a wide variety of tamper evident shrink bands to suit your needs. Our special packaging shrink bands come in varieties suitable for glass jars, reversible cap vials, pop top vials, and pre-roll tubes. They feature a perforated strip to they can easily be removed. 

Suitable for manual application, these shrink bands are easy to use and are compatible with our Wagner Heat Tool Gun. To use, simply slide the clear shrink band over the top of the bottle, apply heat from the heat tool gun, and allow the band to shrink and make a tight seal.

Deter product tampering, package in a more professional way, and ensure quality of packaged products through the use of high-quality tamper evident shrink bands. Get durable Glass Jar Shrink Bands, Reversible Cap Shrink Bands, Pre-Roll Tube Shrink Bands and Pop Top Vial Shrink Bands at amazingly low wholesale prices only here at Dispensary Necessities.