Compliance Labels

Stay on top of your compliance obligations easily with Dispensary Necessities’ packaging and labeling supplies.

We carry peel and stick generic warning labels to suit all states and to fit standard pop top vials and glass vials. State-specific warning labels for California, including M (medical) and A (adult) stickers as well government warning stickers, and Colorado’s medical text labels are available. Warning sticker labels printed with Oregon’s universal symbol are also available and can be bought per roll of 1,000 units.

We also have labels that contain key features mandated by Washington state law for compliant labeling of products. These warning stickers feature the face of President Washington plus warning and usage statements compliant with the rules pursuant to I-502 and WAC 314-55-105. For the state of Michigan, we carry labels as well as medical labels where you need to indicate the medical strain.

Also part of our compliance labels inventory are state-approved labels to be used in the state of Massachusetts. We carry state-compliant warning stickers.

Clear and concise precautionary messages are printed on these paper cut-resistant labels. Dispensary Necessities also carries Canada labels.

Labels printed with “not safe for kids,” “not for kids,” “keep out of reach of children,” and other sticker labels with children safety awareness messages are also obtainable here at Dispensary Necessities. These labels are available in different sizes to fit various container sizes and shapes.

But while compliance is critical, we believe that labels shouldn’t look boring and unappealing. The digitally designed state-specific compliance labels that we offer feature easy to red text and state-appropriate warning symbols in sharp colors. These labels are sized just right so dispensaries will still have enough space on the container for advertising or branding their products. These well-designed compliance labels are perfect partners to our equally good-looking yet highly functional containers.

Note, however, that these compliance labels are entirely different from product-specific labels required by most states. Product-specific labels usually include product name and category, batch number, product net weight, dispensary’s name and concentration and these are to be produced by individual dispensaries. Also take in consideration the state-specific regulations on label placement. Oregon, for example, requires the universal symbol to be placed on the principal display panel.

We can’t stress enough the importance of having the right and the most up-to-date packaging labels. This booming industry is heavily regulated yet it has frequently evolving rules and regulations making it inevitable for dispensaries to make adjustments if necessary. We, at Dispensary Necessities, can help you package products the right and legal way without you having to cut corners because of costs. Our budget-friendly packaging and labeling supplies are the answers to making your brand stronger and your dispensary compliant and successful.

Find the latest warning labels as well as quality tamper evident tapes and thermal labels here at Dispensary Necessities.