Round Metal Mouthpiece for CCELL® Glass Cartridge Bases 200 Count

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Per Unit Price::
Any CCELL® glass cartridge base
Per Box::
200 Units
Round Metal Mouthpiece for CCELL® Glass Cartridge

There are a lot of mouthpieces available in the market today but these round metal ones designed for CCELL glass cartridges seem to always stand out. Why? Well users swear by its durability, ease of use, and delivery of better hits.

The solid construction and sleek, ergonomic design are commendable. This mouthpiece has the standard 510 threading so it can easily be attached to CCELL glass cartridges. Designed to deliver the perfect vapor, one that’s robust and flavorful, this mouthpiece is a lightweight, functional, and inexpensive vaping accessory that you’d want to have in your dispensary.

For sure, your customers will look for a quality mouthpiece to replace their old ones that have been subjected to wear and tear. Help them retain the performance of their CCELL tanks by providing quality mouthpieces, too. Replacement batteries are also available here at Dispensary Necessities. While shopping for these round metal mouthpieces, be sure to also check out CCELL palm batteries and CCELL stainless steel and glass disposables.

  • Fits any CCELL Glass Cartridge Base (sold separately)
  • Material: Metal
  • Quantity per order:  200 units