Purple Vials

For sure you know that the continued success of your business relies largely on your compliance with the strict rules and regulations in dispensing recreational and medical herb. Ensure that you continuously follow the guidelines in child-resistant packaging by stocking on these moisture-resistant, odor proof, airtight, and BPA-free purple vials with reversible caps.

These purple vials with reversible caps will make an awesome addition to your inventory of compliant herb packaging supplies. The multifunctional cap offers both a child-resistant and a senior-friendly, non-child resistant mode. When using the push-and-turn closure option, the cap offers extra security and prevents little hands from accessing the vial’s contents. Flip the cap over and easily transform the container into a screw top container with easy opening and more convenient access to contents. The child-resistant design meets the necessary ASTM standards and CPSC requirements.

The purple reverse cap vials are made of premium, BPA-free, pharmaceutical grade plastic. The classic look makes these vials an inconspicuous storage option for herb and herb-infused medication. The reversible cap provides a tight seal and is effective in keeping moisture out and odor in.

Functionality aside, these containers are actually pretty chic. The white cap complements the semi-transparent purple vial resulting in a container with cap set that’s worthy to be displayed.   Don’t think twice about making these purple reverse cap vials the go-to packaging for your dispensary business.

This versatile packaging is available in different sizes and different colors, too.