Solid Black Vials - Opaque

Opening prescription bottles with push and turn caps can be a struggle for some people. But because child-resistant closures are legally required for medications, there really is nothing we can do about it - or so we thought.

Take a closer look at these prescription vials with reversible caps that feature a child-resistant and a non-child resistant closure. This innovative packaging solution, apparently, offers consumers the choice whether they would prefer to use the push and turn closure or the screw cap. They can get their herb-infused medicine packaged in this opaque black vial with reversible cap, with the child-resistant closure on as required by law. When they get home and do not see the need to keep their medication in child-resistant packaging, they can simply flip the cap over and use the screw top closure for an easier access to contents.

This clever closure solution is offered in various bottle sizes and bottle finishes. These solid black vials, in particular, are ideal for storing herbs because of their opaque finish. Being non-transparent, contents are kept away from the public’s prying eyes. Damaging UV rays are also prevented from damaging precious herbs. The sleek black finish is just perfect for a stealthy transport of herbs.  

Capping off the nifty design of this reversible cap are its airtight, moisture-resistant and odor-proof properties. With these opaque black reverse cap vials, you’ll be providing your customers with a safe, secure, and versatile container to hold their stash. Order a box or two for each size and never run out of this multi-use herb container.

60 Dram >> Fits up to 14 grams

40 Dram >> Fits up to 10 grams

30 Dram >> Fits up to 7.5 grams

20 Dram >> Fits up to 5 grams

16 Dram >> Fits up to 3 grams

13 Dram >> Fits up to 2 grams

08 Dram >> Fits up to 1 gram