Green Vials

Finally, a solution for those who hate child-resistant caps! For those who have had enough of prying apart push down and turn type of caps, these reversible caps are the answer.

These herb containers come with dual function caps: one side is child-resistant and the other is non-child resistant. Use the container as a prescription vial with push down and turn cap or as a generic container with a simple screw top for an easier access to contents. Simply flip the cap over to change the closure style.

The plastic vial is made from polypropylene which is an extremely durable material. Customers also love the semi-transparent finish that allows easy identification of contents. The green color can be used as a reminder or indication that the vial’s contents are “greens” or herbs. With the dual-function cap tightly screwed on the vial, this packaging can serve as a safe storage space to keep one’s stash fresh and potent.

The versatility of the cap plus the airtight, odor-proof and moisture resistant properties of the plastic vial easily make this container a must-have in your dispensary. Stock on these green vials with opaque white reversible caps and offer your customers the best choices in herb storage. Get a box or two of each of these sizes:

60 Dram >> Fits up to 14 grams - 100 units per box

40 Dram >> Fits up to 10 grams - 150 units per box

30 Dram >> Fits up to 7.5 grams - 190 units per box

20 Dram >> Fits up to 5 grams - 240 units per box

16 Dram  >> Fits up to 3 grams  - 230 units per box

13 Dram >> Fits up to 2 grams - 275 units per box

08 Dram >> Fits up to 1 gram  - 410 units per box