Clear Vials

Buy clear reverse cap prescription vials from Dispensary Necessities and save big! We offer the lowest prices on dispensary supplies and offer free shipping for orders of at least $200. Take a look at these double duty herb containers in different sizes and see why they are loved for their great value.

Our Reverse Cap Vials in Clear finish offer the convenience of having an odor-proof, moisture resistant and airtight container to keep herbs and medication fresh and potent while having a dual-function cap to address child-resistant and ease of use requirements. The matching opaque white cap on these vials offers two closure options: one as a child-resistant push down and turn cap and the other is an easy to use, non-child resistant screw top. By simply flipping the cap over, the user can choose a closure option. With this reversible closure, you’ll have both a child-resistant and a senior-friendly packaging.

These containers with reversible caps are made from polypropylene plastic. Different vial sizes are available to suit your needs.

60 Dram >> Fits up to 14 grams

40 Dram >> Fits up to 10 grams

30 Dram >> Fits up to 7.5 grams

20 Dram >> Fits up to 5 grams

16 Dram >> Fits up to 3 grams

13 Dram >> Fits up to 2 grams

08 Dram >> Fits up to 1 gram

Offer these containers with multi-functional caps in your dispensary and be able to save time and space. This versatile product also makes inventory management a lot more bearable.

No need to replace a standard cap with a child-resistant closure, or vice versa – one cap does it all! Remain compliant as you dispense herbs in child-resistant packaging while giving your customers the choice to use such closure or the non-child resistant option at home. This is a real value for money product that you should have in your dispensary!