Blue Vials

Streamline inventory management and reduce costs by investing in versatile, multi-use supplies. These blue plastic vials with reversible caps are one of the multi-function packaging options that you must consider.

No need to separately stock on child-resistant (CR) caps and containers with non-CR caps. This container has both CR and non-CR closures in just one plastic cap with matching blue plastic vial.

This 2-in-1 packaging has a semi-transparent, odor-proof container made from high-quality polypropylene plastic that’s chemically resistant and an opaque white cap with dual purpose. The cap is reversible and features a child-resistant mode on one side and a non-child resistant, easy to use closure on another side. This vial is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry as it features a child-resistant certified “push down and turn” closure. Such method of opening is difficult for children to execute because it requires two motions that must be simultaneously done. The non-child resistant mode features the typical, easy open screw cap perfect for those with hand dexterity issues and for senior citizens.

If you want your dispensary to remain compliant by packaging herbs in child-resistant containers but you also want to provide a more convenient medication access to customers who do not live with children or who have had enough of the hassle of push-and-turn closures, this blue vial with reversible cap is the kind of packaging that you must use.

You can get these blue reverse cap vials in different sizes to accommodate various amounts of herb. Below is the list of vial capacities and its corresponding quantity per order:

60 Dram >> Fits up to 14 grams - 100 units per box

40 Dram >> Fits up to 10 grams - 150 units per box

30 Dram >> Fits up to 7.5 grams - 190 units per box

20 Dram >> Fits up to 5 grams - 240 units per box

16 Dram >> Fits up to 3 grams - 230 units per box

13 Dram >> Fits up to 2 grams - 275 units per box

08 Dram >> Fits up to 1 gram - 410 units per box

You can definitely count on Dispensary Necessities for your dispensary supply needs. We take pride in our airtight, moisture-resistant and smell-proof herb containers that can keep buds fresh, potent, and in perfect condition. Aside from containers with reversible caps, we also have pop top bottles, child-resistant glass containers, CR exit bags, and a wide variety of smoke shop supplies.