Reverse Cap Vials

Dispensary Necessities offers you a wide range of dispensary supplies at inexpensive wholesale prices. Expect high quality glass jars, smell-proof Mylar bags, concentrate containers and pop top bottles that are guaranteed to keep products secure and fresh. If you are looking for a container with a cutting-edge design and versatility, we recommend our Reversible Cap Vials.

These reversible cap containers are made from medical-grade, BPA-free plastic and come with a unique cap that can fit on the vial in two ways: 1. as a push down and turn cap, and 2. as a screw on closure.  The first way is the standard child-resistant push-down-and-turn closure while the second is a non-childproof screw off lid that facilitates easy access of the vial’s contents. By simple flipping the cap over, you can pick the closure mechanism to suit your needs.

Use these reversible cap vials as a prescription container with childproof cap to store flowers and capsules. The simple screw-top lid, on the other hand, would be perfect for elderly patients or those who need a handy, easy-open container.  Whichever cap style you choose, these vials can help keep product stored fresh with its airtight, odor-proof and moisture-resistant features.

Organizing and safeguarding product is easy with the right storage containers. Find reversible cap vials in various styles here at Dispensary Necessities. We have pharmaceutical-grade vials in translucent finish with black or white reversible caps. For content privacy, we also have opaque reversible cap vials in green, blue and pink.  If you prefer a sleeker, more discreet, and less eye-catching container, go for our Reversible Cap Vials in Opaque Black, Gold, Silver or White.  Clear reversible cap vials are likewise available.  All of these reversible cap vials are available in a variety of sizes to ensure that your container is the proper size for the amount.

General Guide to Container Sizes:

08 Dram – Up to 1 gram

13 Dram – Up to 2 grams

16 Dram – Up to 3 grams 

20 Dram  - Up to 3.5 grams

30 Dram – Up to 7 grams

40 Dram – Up to 10 grams

60 Dram – Up to 14 grams

Note that the childproof cap design of these reversible cap vials are ASTM approved. These versatile containers are one of the most popular dispensary packaging supplies. Enjoy the benefits of these convenient, dual-function caps by storing or packaging your special herb in these reversible cap vials.