The leading choice for herb packaging, these lime-colored vials with reversible caps offer a versatility that’s hard to match.

Made from food-safe, BPA-free, medical-grade polypropylene, the vials can securely store dry buds, edibles, herb-infused capsules, and even concentrates. The non-transparent finish ensures that contents are protected from UV ray damage. End users’ privacy is also protected because contents are not visible to prying eyes.

Each vial is fitted with a reversible cap that closes in two ways. One side is child-resistant with a push-and-turn closure that requires some dexterity to open. The reverse side is the conventional, easy-open screw-on cap. A simple flip is all that’s needed to pick a preferred closure system. These lime vials with reversible caps are perfect for those who occasionally need child-resistant packaging. Regardless of the chosen closure, the cap will deliver a snug fit ensuring an airtight, moisture-resistant, and odor-proof seal.

A bestseller among the elderly, medical herb patients who live with children, and those who are frustrated by push-and-turn caps, these lime reverse cap vials are sure to be a hit in your dispensary.

These plastic vials, which are so easy to find inside a big bag because of the bright lime color, are available in six sizes.

8 Dram                 -              1 gram capacity

13 Dram               -              1-2 grams capacity

20 Dram               -              3.5 grams capacity

30 Dram               -              7 grams capacity

40 Dram               -              10 grams capacity

60 Dram               -              14 grams capacity

With these lime reverse cap vials, you’ll also be saving time in managing inventory because you only need to stock one kind of vial rather than two.

Lightweight, portable, inexpensive and versatile, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t keep a good stock of these dual purpose lime vials in your supply list. Meet your customers’ needs of functionality, cost-effectiveness, and convenience with these reversible cap vials in opaque lime.

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To get started, take a closer look at each of these lime vials with reversible caps and see what these bestselling containers have to offer.