Amber Push & Turn Cap Vials

Lock in the freshness of your product while keeping it away from curious hands of children by using these child-resistant push and turn vials in translucent amber.

Our amber vials with push and turn caps feature a simple yet child-safe design. This is a special packaging deemed as child-resistant (CR) because of its push down and turn closure. Such mechanism is said to be difficult for children to operate given that kids below 5 years old are not yet able to do two actions simultaneously. With this form of packaging, the risk of poisoning in children through accidental ingestion of potentially harmful products is reduced.

Each prescription vial is made from food-safe polypropylene plastic and comes with smooth sides without graduations. Product label and compliance warnings can be placed on the sides of the vial. Each bottle comes with a white cap with “push down and turn” closure. Instruction on how to open and close the cap is printed on the top portion of the cap. The caps offer an airtight, moisture-resistant, and smell-proof seal.

These vials are pharmacy staples that must also be included in your inventory of dispensary supplies. You can get these translucent amber vials with push and turn caps in different sizes, at amazingly low wholesale prices. The little bottles are perfect for traveling and for carrying small amounts of medication.

60 Dram >> Fits up to 14 grams - 110 units per box

40 Dram >> Fits up to 10 grams    - 135 units per box

30 Dram >> Fits up to 7 grams - 180 units per box

20 Dram >> Fits up to 3.5 grams - 210 units per box

16 Dram >> Fits up to 3 grams - 270 units per box

13 Dram >> Fits up to 2 grams - 310 units per box

08 Dram >> Fits up to 1 gram - 420 units per box

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