Push & Turn Vials

Looking for child-safe packaging? These push turn vials can keep products fresh with its airtight inner seal and at the same time keep them from tampering. Designed with a special safety cap that is significantly difficult for children below the age of 5 to open, these child-resistant packaging can prevent accidental poisoning or unintentional ingestion by children.  

We are aware of the challenge of keeping an eye on active and curious children all the time hence these child-proof packaging can greatly help in reducing the risk of inquisitive children getting their hands on dangerous items like medicine. The push and turn sealing method is a reliable locking closure invented in 1967 by Canadian doctor and medical researcher Dr. Henri Breault. The child-safety cap was initially known as “Palm N’ Turn” and this ingenious lid saved many young lives in Canada where child poisoning due to accidental ingestion of medicine was once a global epidemic.

At present, dispensaries are required by California law to be package in child-resistant containers or in bottles that are not attractive to children. As a reputable dispensary, it is a must that you have these push and turn vials on your inventory.

Available at Dispensary Necessities are vials that can prolong the life of your fine herbs, keep them nice and fresh and away from inquisitive little hands. These vials can also protect from light as it blocks 100% of ultraviolet light. As such, harmful light rays that degrades the potency cannot penetrate the container and damage inside. 

The vials are manufactured out of high quality, food-safe, and medical-grade plastics. For the patient’s health, we made sure that our containers can absolutely keep medication fresh and safe for consumption.

Our push and turn cap vials come in opaque black and translucent amber colors. They are available in a variety of sizes, from one gram to 14 grams, to suit your needs. Our handy vials are lightweight yet sturdy and can securely store and provide content privacy. They are also 100% recyclable with large opening for easier and more efficient filling and dispensing.

These are the containers you’d need to keep product easily available to adults but inaccessible to children. To open these child-resistant vials, simply push the lid downward using your palm and turn the lid until it opens.