ProScale SLICK Kit

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100g x 0.01g
LCD Blue Screen

When a business grows, the need to be always mobile increases too. This means that you have to be equipped wherever, whenever with an equipment that you can use to weigh your commercial items.

Our ProScale SLICK Kit will be your best buddy from now on. This compact carrying case lets you weigh concentrates while you are on the go. It has a rust-proof, stainless steel tray that can weigh a capacity of 100g x 0.01g with the use of two 3ml silicone containers that come with the kit. Its platinum cured silicone mat is a non-stick and multi-functional base for your weighed concentrates.  The ProScale SLICK Kit is also equipped with a metal dabber tool and a personalized compact portable case that is very handy and easy to bring anywhere.

Invest on something that can serve your business on a long-term nature. Pro Scale SLICK Kit is not only convenient to use but also guarantees sturdiness and accuracy during usage. Stop risking weighing your concentrates using substandard scales, use a tried and tested compact weighing scale like ProScale.