Prescription & Exit Bags

The best containers for dispensary products can be found right here at Dispensary Necessities.

We are your one-stop shop for compliant packaging for your dispensary. Included in our line-up of dispensary supplies are glass jars, dropper bottles, pre-roll tubes, pop-top bottles, reversible cap vials, smell-proof bags, and tamper-evident shrink bands. Of course, we can also supply your dispensary with Prescription and Exit Bags.

A prescription or exit bag is a great addition to your dispensary supplies. Rules and regulations on responsible use are also being established. Part of the strict guidelines set by regulatory agencies of different states in the United States is the proper handling and distribution. Included in the list of regulation-approved products are prescription and exit bags to be used as packaging when carrying products out of smoke shops.

Dispensary Necessities has several prescription and exit bags to offer to suit your needs. We have pharmacy bags made from heavy-gauge kraft paper with standing flat bottom feature. Also available are glossy prescription bags with squeeze bottom. These RX bags are designed to help dispensaries present to patients and customers in a more professional manner.

There is also the extra large kraft bags specifically made for the Colorado market. Our Colorado-compliant bags carry the mandatory warning statement, the Colorado symbol, and the MED universal symbol.

Re-closeable airtight bags with no flap and no adhesive are likewise available. Large, odor-proof Turkey oven bags can also be bought at a wholesale price here at Dispensary Necessities. Yes, the oven bag used for roasting turkeys can effectively control odor as it is made from tough, food-grade plastic. Our online store also carries the usual plastic bag used in most over-the-counter sales. These plastic bags are available in white and black and in four sizes: small, medium, large and jumbo. We’re ready to provide you with a complete set of packaging materials as we also offer tamper evident tapes with red warning text on white background.

Dispensary Necessities has a wide variety of exit bags to accommodate various products. Our packaging bags are made from high quality materials and feature durable construction. Our prescription pharmacy bags are opaque so the contents cannot be seen through the packaging. These opaque exit bags are made from pharmaceutical paper that’s smell proof.

Dispensary Necessities has the best packaging solutions for prized products. If you are unsure which exit bag, or storage container, is best for the needs of your dispensary, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for consultation. You can trust Dispensary Necessities to help you get the right packaging for your needs.

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