Keep product fresh, flavorful and potent by storing it in the right container. Dispensary Necessities has various packaging and storage options to ensure freshness and quality of every product. 

Our pop top bottles, in particular, are secure, moisture-resistant, and airtight containers designed to keep fresh. These are child-resistant bottles that are easy for adults to use yet difficult for curious little hands of children to open. Our pop top bottles are odor proof too so the strong scent of remains in the container and won’t spread elsewhere. Dispensary Necessities only sells pop top bottles that meet ASTM standards.

 To best display your products, we recommend our Pop Top Bottles in Gold. These stylish bottles make for an elegant presentation. Pills and capsules may also be stored in our premium, pharmaceutical-grade pop top bottles. Conveniently keep medications and products fresh and away from degrading effects of light by storing them in our opaque gold pop top bottles. 

Our Gold Pop Top Bottles are available in different sizes ranging from 13 Gram to 90 Gram.  Of course, they all feature the addicting “pop” sound that you’ll hear once the lid is popped open (with a simple squeeze on the sides of the bottle). For stashing and preserving the freshness, our child-resistant pop top bottles in gold works perfectly well. 

Dispensary Necessities’ pop top bottles are also available in Opaque Black and Opaque White. Also available are glass jars, dropper bottles, concentrate containers, mylar bags, and a whole lot of storage and packaging options.