Safely store products in one of Dispensary Necessities’ storage solutions. We have glass jars in different sizes, smell-proof bags, concentrate containers, dropper bottles, child-resistant vials, edibles containers, and discreet pop top bottles that can securely hold and maintain freshness of product.

Our Black Pop Top Bottles, in particular, are child-resistant bottles made from food-grade, BPA-free plastic. These bottles are airtight, moisture resistant and smell-proof. Odor and freshness are kept inside and light cannot pass through the opaque finish of these bottles. These bottles come with a hinged cap so you will never lose a bottle cover ever again.

Our opaque pop top bottles also feature a child-resistant closure to reduce the risk of children ingesting what is not intended for them. The special safety cap conforms to the regulation for prescription drugs. Young children, usually below 8 years old, still do not have the hand strength needed to pop open these bottles.

These pop top bottles are a popular choice in both the medical and recreational markets. Dispensary Necessities’ pop top bottles in black are available in different sizes so you can easily bring one in your bag or pocket and keep your medication conveniently available. We also stock pop top bottles in elegant gold and minimalist white finishes.

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