Kush Pop Top Bottles

There are so many storage products available today and more will continue to hit the market in the coming years. Dispensary Necessities wants to provide you with a variety of options for medical packaging and storage. Aside from glass jars and bottles, vials, smell-proof bags, and concentrate containers, we can also supply you with Pop Top Bottles for more convenient storage.

This type of container is a popular choice because of its economical price and convenient storage design. These squeezable Kush Pop Top Bottles come in different styles, sizes, and colors to suit your packaging and storage needs. Built for easy access, this type of medical container is compact and convenient to use while on the move. Although designed with a basic system, pop top bottles can still lock in freshness with its airtight, moisture-resistant, odor proof design.

They are easy to use and will pop open in just a squeeze making them perfect for patients with debilitating conditions. No twisting or pushing and turning necessary so these bottles can be opened, and closed, with one hand or even with weak fingers. A squeeze on the sides below the cap is all that’s needed to hear the “pop” and see the bottle pop open.

Worried that a child can quickly open these bottles? Set your mind at rest because there are pop top bottles that are actually designed to be also child-resistant. These improved bottles are easy for an adult to squeeze open but a challenge for a kid’s tiny hand. Some bottles have a ribbed portion to indicate where pressure must be applied.

Securely store product in pop top bottles. Our pop top containers are made from durable, high quality, BPA-free, and recyclable polypropylene plastic that will keep your product from turning stale and moldy. These bottles come with hinged lids that won’t fall off, be misplaced or get lost. The tight-fitting pop top lids also provide an odor-proof seal for freshness and discreetness (since some strains come with incredibly strong odor).

Our larger pop top bottles also make excellent secondary packaging for concentrates or prescriptions when child-resistant packaging is not readily available.

Your product will maintain its potency and last longer if stored properly. Preserve the flavor, maintain freshness, and get the most out of your medication by choosing the right kind and the best quality storage container. Shop at Dispensary Necessities for the best airtight, odor-proof, moisture-resistant containers for storage.

All pop top bottles and medical containers offered by Dispensary Necessities adhere to strict compliance regulations. You can rely on us to provide you with the safest containers at reasonable prices. Purchase our airtight pop top bottle and get easy yet secure access to your medication. 

  • 19 Dram Black CR Pop Top Bottle

    19 Dram Black CR Pop Top Bottle - 450 Count

    Where to store your caps? These 19 dram pop top bottles make excellent containers for medication. These child resistant vials are made from polypropylene plastic that’s versatile, durable, recyclable, BPA-free, and food-safe. It is designed with a...

  • 90 Dram Gold CR Pop Top Bottles

    More and more dispensaries are choosing these 90 Dram Pop Top Bottles in Opaque Gold as their go-to dispensary packaging. Why? One, it’s airtight and effective in keeping stored supplies fresh, potent and in perfect quality. Two, it comes with a...

  • 60 Dram White CR Pop Top Bottle

    Offering a convenient solution to herb storage, these pop tops are always a big hit in dispensaries.   These 60 dram pop top bottles can fit 8 to 14 grams of herb medication and are airtight, moisture-resistant and odor-proof. These sturdy bottles...

  • 60 Dram Black CR Pop Top Bottle

    60 Dram Black CR Pop Top Bottle - 150 Count

    This multipurpose pop top bottle will be a big hit in your dispensary. It can be used as herb container or pill container. It’s handy yet has a generous space to accommodate up to 14 grams of flower. This bottle is durable and is crafted from...

  • 30 Dram Black CR Pop Top Bottle

    30 Dram Black CR Pop Top Bottle - 300 Count

    Designed with a certified compliant pop top opening mechanism, this 30 dram opaque black bottle is a safe and secure container for dispensary products. To open, the sides of the bottle with tactical grips must be firmly squeezed. There is no lift-to-open...

  • 19 Dram White CR Pop Top Bottle

    What an appealing container for your dispensary! This sleek pop top bottle in opaque white is a child-resistant packaging for herbs, medicine capsules, and even edibles. Like the classic pharmaceutical vials, this is an airtight and smell-proof container...

  • 13 Dram Black Pop Top Bottle

    13 Dram Black Pop Top Bottles - 630 Count

    These compliant and certified child resistant pop top bottles offer a convenient, stylish and safe way to display, sell and store flower. With a capacity of 13 dram, it can hold up to 2 grams of flower. These child resistant 13 Dram Kush Pop Top...

  • 30 Dram White CR Pop Top Bottle

    Looking for a neat and cost-effective packaging for your dispensary products? Take a closer look at this 30 dram white pop top bottle that’s also child-resistant. This bottle/container is crafted from durable polypropylene plastic which is...

  • 13 Dram White CR Pop Top Bottle

    Dispensaries consider this white child-resistant pop top vial to be an indispensable dispensary supply container. It’s lightweight, opaque, cost-effective, child-resistant, airtight, moisture-resistant, and convenient to use. This container is...

  • 90 Dram White CR Pop Top Bottle

    These 90 dram opaque white pop top bottles are among the best options in child-resistant herb packaging.  These containers are manufactured to the highest quality standards and are crafted from FDA certified, medical-grade and food-grade...

  • 60 Dram Gold CR Pop Top Bottle

    Want an easy to use, convenient to carry and spacious stash container? This 60 dram pop top bottle in gold fits the bill. It can hold up to 14 grams of flower and has an added child-resistant feature that ensures the contents are kept away from...

  • 30 Dram Gold CR Pop Top Bottle

    30 Dram Gold CR Pop Top Bottle - 300 Count

    Keep your high quality herb fresh by storing them in the right container. This airtight and moisture resistant pop top bottle can effectively seal in freshness and protect precious herb from damage and quality degradation.   What’s also good...

  • 19 Dram Gold CR Pop Top Bottle

    19 Dram Gold CR Pop Top Bottle - 450 Count

    No more lost lids, no more accidental ingestion, no more damaged flowers, and no more stale herbs. This 19 Kush dram gold child-resistant pop top bottle can save you time, money and effort, and most importantly, save your precious herb from going bad...

  • 13 Dram Gold CR Pop Top Bottle - 630 Count

    Gold packaging for your herbs or medication? Why not? When your product is as precious as gold, go ahead and package it in a fancy way.  This 13 Kush Dram Gold CR Pop Top Bottle stores dry buds in a truly stylish manner. These vials were...

  • Wagner Heat Tool Gun - Shrink Wrapping - 1200 Watts

    What a high quality and versatile heat gun at an affordable price! This Wagner Heat Tool Gun is the perfect device to use together with our shrink bands. It delivers just the right amount of heat to melt or shrink PVC plastic and get our shrink bands...