Wide Mouth Jars

Aside from offering small and handy cannabis containers, make sure your dispensary also has large marijuana containers for long-term cannabis storage. Our wide mouth jars are big enough to store large buds and edibles and keep them fresh for an extended period of time.

Without the right container, stored cannabis can dry up or grow molds. Dry cannabis is less flavorful and potent while moldy ones are unsafe to consume. To ensure that you’ve got quality marijuana, skip the use of the convenient sandwich bag and pick an appropriate storage jar. Our wide mouth jars can protect your cannabis from external elements that can degrade its quality and provide you with easy and convenient access to your medication.

These jars come with wide opening making them easier to fill and empty. Dispensary Necessities’ wide mouth jars are made from food-grade and medical-grade plastic that’s BPA-free, moisture-resistant, and odor-proof. They come with airtight lids that will completely protect the jar’s contents so whatever it is you store in our jar, you can expect it to remain potent and fresh. Once your buds have been stored in our wide mouth jars, you just need to keep it away from heat.

If you need an extra safety feature, we have a selection of wide mouth jars with child-resistant locking mechanisms. The use of wide mouth jars with push down and turn caps is a cannabis storage solution that reduces the risk of accidental poisoning of children.

Our wide mouth jars are designed to store all types of medication. It comes with an opaque black or opaque white finish to ensure that no harmful UV light will pass through the plastic jar and bring damage to the contents. Dispensaries and cannabis patients use our wide mouth jars to store vitamins, ointments, oils, waxes, concentrates, flowers, herbs, and edibles. Dispensary Necessities offers wide mouth jars in various sizes, from 0.5 oz to 16oz, to suit your needs. The large-sized wide mouth jars can work double-duty as storage for bigger cannabis products or as exit container alternative.

Also available are tamper evident wide-mouth containers for storing an ounce of infused edibles or dry herb. These FDA-approved child-resistant wide mouth jars come with reusable lid with tamper evident tab.

Packaging plays an important role not just in ensuring the quality of cannabis products but also in building a brand image and shaping consumer’s perception about the dispensary and the business. Ideally, your dispensary’s packaging must already be adequate for storage. If not, make sure you stock a wide variety of cannabis packaging and containers for retail purchase.

Dispensary Necessities is here to provide high quality cannabis packaging at reasonable prices to support the unique needs of medical and recreational cannabis markets. Aside from wide mouth jars, we also have glass jars, pop top bottles, smell-proof Mylar bags, reversible cap vials, dropper bottles, push & turn vials, and joint & blunt tubes. Tamper evident shrink bands are likewise available so you can give your cannabis packaging a complete seal.