Pinch N Slide ASTM Child Resistant Exit Bags 8"x6"

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Child Safe?:
Pinch N Slide ASTM Child Resistant Exit Bags 8"x6"

The Pinch N slide Bag is your NUMBER ONE CHOICE if you are looking for a child resistant exit bag you can use for your dispensatory necessities. It has undergone and passed both ASTM and CPSC government standards providing the highest quality in a single zipper, dual lock mechanism design. The dual lock mechanism design feature uses two zipper seals ensuring the quality and freshness of the bag’s contents at the same time keeping it safe from the reach of children.

This moisture proof bag is perfect for your dry herbs, concentrated products, and various edibles which are safely carried out without smell. This cannabis packaging is also re-sealable and discreet looking as it comes in a non-transparent packaging. For added quality, Pinch N Slide Bag has an updated feature, the bottom gusset, which gives the bag an increased depth and holding capacity after being completely sealed.  

Pinch N Slide bags promote responsible cannabis use and storage as well as adhere to product safety awareness.

The Pinch N’ Slide bags are all patented and compliant to all child safety standards mandate and meets the classification requirements of child-resistant packaging as implemented by ASTM D3475-14. For product certification, please read the certificate page of this website.