Pinch N Slide ASTM Child Resistant Exit Bags 8"x6"

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Child Safe?:
Pinch N Slide ASTM Child Resistant Exit Bags 8"x6"

This bag is tough, odor-proof, opaque, child-resistant, and cost-effective – what’s more to ask for?

You’ll soon thank us for introducing these spacious 8”x6” Pinch N Slide exit bags to you. These exit pouches meet Colorado and Washington state regulations in child-resistant packaging.  These bags are designed with dual lock zipper that zips tight yet is very simple to open. For sure, these bags can provide your customers with peace of mind that their medication won’t end up in the wrong hands.  

Aside from its compliant child-resistant feature, this exit packaging can keep products fresh.  Made from thick, food-grade plastic, the durable construction means that contents are kept safe and protected: strong herbal odor is kept in and precious concentrate is protected against UV exposure or light damage. The opaque finish also means better privacy for your customers as they transport their purchase from your dispensary to their home.

This Pinch N Slide exit bag in opaque white is simply the perfect solution for compliant exit packaging.

  • Size: 8x6 inches with 2.63” gusset
  • Material: Multilayered, food-safe plastic
  • Style/Color: Opaque White
  • Quantity per order: 250 or 5000 count