Oval Bottles

At this point, it’s evident that cannabis concentrates have gained a huge following in the legal cannabis industry. The popularity is due to the fact that concentrates has a practically indefinite shelf life. Properly made cannabis concentrates stored in the right container and kept undisturbed in an ideal environment can last for years without any form of degradation.

Dispensary Necessities is proud to offer high quality containers that can properly safekeep cannabis products, particularly marijuana concentrate oils and CBD oil. Our amber oval bottles are the perfect containers for these oils and other cannabis-infused liquids like vape juice.

Our Oval Bottles comes with a classic straightforward design. They have an oval body, a narrow neck, and a child-resistant locking mechanism. Two motions are required to open these bottles (push down and turn) hence a child may find it hard to open and remove the bottle’s cap. These bottles conform to CPSC child-resistant requirements and have been tested to meet industry standards.

These bottles are made from high-grade plastic that’s incredibly tough yet lightweight. Because these bottles are lighter than glass, they are the ideal choice when taking cannabis oil with you on your travels. Aside from the weight advantage, these plastic bottles won’t break like glass if you accidentally drop them.

Our oval bottles come in amber shade that gives better UV protection because it filters out both blue and ultraviolet light. These amber oval bottles are guaranteed to protect the stored cannabis product from light damage.

Dispensary Necessities’ safe, food-grade oval bottles are available in a variety of sizes, from 1oz to 16oz capacity. Each bottle has an oral adapter for easier administration of medicine. Conveniently dispense cannabis oil or cannabis-infused topical like lotions through these handy oval bottles.

If you need other cannabis containers, Dispensary Necessities offers an extensive range of storage options. We have wide mouth jars, mega vial containers, smell-proof bags, and Philips RX pop-top bottles. Also available are glass dropper bottles perfect for cannabis tinctures. Also part of our dispensary supply inventory are humidity packs, pill capsules, cannabis storage labels, and processing and handling materials.

We aim to supply you with the best cannabis storage products that will help maintain the flavor, freshness and potency of stored marijuana. Our cannabis containers are all designed to protect stored cannabis from exposure to light and oxygen. Whether you’re storing a gram or a pound, we have appropriately-sized containers that will protect the cannabis’ potency, aroma and flavor. With our well-designed, top-quality containers, you and your customers are guaranteed of quality flowers, herb and oils at arm’s reach.

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