MyWeigh Triton T3 Rechargeable Digital Scales

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500g x 0.01g
In The Box:
Rechargeable Battery - 40hrs Life
Power Saving Mode

Create a fluid business atmosphere by using the right tools when it comes to measuring your products especially the consumable ones. MyWeigh Triton T3 Rechargeable Digital Scale should always be on your list of weighing equipment that uses state of the art technology. This digital scale can carry 500g x 0.01g capacity and has an overweight indicator so you won’t have to worry about an overloaded scale.

The weight meter technology used in this product provides users a more convenient experience with its additional features like adjustable auto off, zero tracking, various conversion modes, and automatic digital calibration. MyWeigh Triton also has a crystal blue LED screen that lets you read measurements with clarity in any lighting conditions.

Now moving on to other awesome features of T3R, here you will be pleased with its small yet fixed scale that gives exact measurements no matter what because it is fastened with heavy duty rubber grips and a detachable cover that you can also use as tray for the scale. Last but not least is the T3R’s rechargeable lithium ion battery that can be charged using a USB charging cable for a whopping 40 hours of efficient usage.