We all know that cannabis is a sensitive plant. Even after curing, it requires meticulous care to preserve its freshness and potency. Additional TLC is required when packaging it for sale so skip the use of sandwich bags or tinfoil when storing and packaging cannabis. Make use of our high quality Mylar bags that are smell-proof, durable, moisture-resistant, and effective in keeping cannabis fresh, flavorful, aromatic and potent.

We have sturdy, self-supporting Mylar bags in various sizes and styles. We have ones with tear notch tab and ones without. We can supply you with black, gold, silver, white or kraft Mylar bags in full opaque or vista (dual sided, with one opaque and one transparent) options. All of our Mylar zipper bags are constructed from FDA-approved materials and lined with DuPont-developed Mylar film that won’t let cannabis scent leak and won’t let excess air in.

Our White/Clear Mylar Smell-Proof Bags offer the best protection for flowers and cannabis-infused edibles. These classic zipper pouches come with a transparent panel so contents can easily be seen. The opaque white back panel provides room for branding through the use of sticker labels. The durable zippers are re-closeable. We make every effort to ensure that the Mylar bags we supply are made from thick and heavy duty PET/PE plastic and that they meet the state requirements for cannabis packaging.

These White Vista Mylar bags are sleek, streamlined and clean-looking pouches perfect for storing cannabis tea powder, cannabis-infused gummy candies, cookies and buds. At the bottom of these zipper pouches are gussets allowing the pouch to expand to accommodate contents and to stand on shelves.

Give these Mylar bags a secure seal through the use of a heat sealer that’s also available here at Dispensary Necessities. Heat sealing helps in increasing the shelf life of stored products and ensuring its maximum freshness.  

We can likewise supply you with other packaging options like wide mouth jars, dropper bottles, concentrate containers, pop top vials, hinged lid containers, and pre-roll tubes. Child-resistant push-and-turn vials are also available at wholesale prices here at your one-stop online supply shop. Purchase at least $250 worth of dispensary essentials and get free shipping.