Ever wondered why spice mixes, food supplements, coffee beans, beef jerky and other food items that would smell bad and lose flavor when exposed to light, air and moisture are commonly stored in Mylar bags? This protective packaging is basically the preferred container for all things edible. It is the material from which white Mylar smell proof bags are constructed that makes it the top packaging choice for food. Mylar is a form of polyester film that has exceptional gas and moisture resistance and high tensile strength.

If Mylar bags are the favored packaging option in the food industry, then they must work pretty well too in keeping cannabis products fresh. In fact, many collectives see Mylar bags as the first choice for long-term cannabis storage.

Why? Well it’s because Mylar bags are not only air-tight, they are also completely gas-tight. With their excellent moisture and gas barrier properties, they can surely keep cannabis fresh for years!

Our Mylar bags are made from superior quality materials that can preserve the freshness and increase the shelf life of stored cannabis. These bags are constructed from stretched PET plastic that won’t release chemicals to the outside, won’t let UV light pass through, and won’t give toxic chemicals to stored buds.

The white Mylar smell-proof bags from our inventory are opaque, sealable, tear-resistant and super durable. Sealing our Mylar bags is not difficult. We have portable heat sealers that can securely seal Mylar bags and protect stored cannabis for long term. It is important to seal the bags tightly, with the right gadget, because even a tiny air gap in the seam can cause oxygen to penetrate and damage the buds. Once correctly and completely sealed, these white Mylar bags can be kept in a cool place, away from heat, for years.

Dispensary Necessities’ white, smell-proof Mylar bags are available in various sizes, from 1 gram to 1 ounce. We also have white Mylar bags that will fit pre-rolls.

And of course, you can get the rest of your dispensary supplies like pop top bottles, vials, exit bags, gloves, and scales from us. We offer free shipping for orders of at least $250.