Dispensary Necessities has a range of cannabis storage and packaging containers that are compliant with the regulations set by the first two states that voted to legalize marijuana for recreational purposes. We can supply you with dispensary packaging supplies designed in compliance with the cannabis packaging regulations in the State of Colorado and in the State of Washington.

According to Washington Administrative Code 314-55-105, usable marijuana and cannabis-infused products must be packaged in a heat-sealed plastic that’s four mil or greater in thickness. There should be no tabs, dimples, or easy-open flaps as a tamperproof measure. Such childproof packaging is available here at Dispensary Necessities – your one-stop dispensary supply shop.

We have Mylar bags especially designed for dispensaries in the State of Washington. These zipper bags are constructed from PET/PE plastic with Mylar film to ensure the content’s freshness. They have moisture and oxygen resistant properties and have a wall thickness of 4.5 mils. Designed with a clear front and an opaque black backing, these barrier bags come with a window view and are perfect for packaging flowers and edibles. Our Washington State Mylar Bags are available in the following sizes: 1/8oz, ¼ oz, ½ oz and 1 gram.

These Mylar zipper bags are heat sealable and features no easy-open tab or flap so it cannot be easily opened by curious little hands. Heat sealers for these zipper pouches can be purchased separately from our online store. Likewise, replacement parts for impulse heat sealers are available at Dispensary Necessities.

Browse our online supply shop and get good deals on other dispensary essentials. We have glass jars, dropper bottles, gloves and tongs, exit bags, Boveda humidity packs, empty pill capsules, pruners and trimming scissors, shrink bands, money counting machines, MyWeigh digital scales, and commercial CVault containers. We’ve got all you need and more to help you efficiently process day-to-day transactions in your dispensary. Order at least $250 and get free shipping.