Stored cannabis will be as good as the day you packed it when packaged in the right container. Harvested buds must not be exposed to air and oxygen because those two elements will break them down. Excess moisture, on the other hand, will encourage the growth of molds. The best way to store the fine herb that is cannabis is to choose a completely airtight, opaque, and moisture-resistant container. Dispensary Necessities can supply you with appropriate storage supplies for flowers and edibles. We have push & turn vials, oval bottles, wide mouth jars, hinged lid containers, and childproof bags.

Our full opaque black vacuum-seal bags are odor-proof, moisture-resistant, UV-resistant pouches for storing flowers and cannabis-infused products. Ideal for short-term or mid-term storage, these easy-to-use and affordable Mylar vacuum-seal pouches can keep cannabis fresh for a good period of time. These Mylar pouches are designed to be sealed through the use of a vacuum sealer. Vacuum sealing is one of the easiest and most effective methods in preserving buds and preventing the scent of marijuana from leaking. It will only take a second or two to draw the air out and secure the contents inside the bag.

These Vacuum Seal Bags guarantee that stored cannabis will come out exactly as they went in – fresh. The lack of air stops the herb from deteriorating hence improving the shelf life of stored cannabis. Vacuum seal and heat seal this Mylar bag and give your product better protection and longevity.

These heat-sealable vacuum-seal Mylar bags also come with a tear notch for easy opening after heat sealing. These are compatible with most vacuum sealing machines.

Stop damaging the trichomes of freshly cured buds when you store them in ordinary plastic bags. Get the best Mylar bags with moisture and vapor barrier properties here at Dispensary Necessities. Smartly, discreetly and securely store cannabis in our heat-sealable, vacuum seal bags.

Other dispensary supplies like gloves, tongs, empty pill cases, exit bags, pruners, Integra boost humidity packs, MyWeigh scales and CVault containers are also available here at Dispensary Necessities. We offer free shipping for orders of $250 and above.