Protect cannabis products from UV rays, excess oxygen and moisture by storing them in high quality containers like our smell-proof Mylar bags.

Dispensary Necessities offers a range of oxygen and vapor impermeable zipper pouches with transparent front panel and stylish opaque backing. Our Vista Silver Mylar Bags come with metallic silver back and clear front making it easy to view and showcase the bag’s contents. Store flowers and marijuana-infused edibles in these impressively designed, multi-purpose Mylar bags.

Our Mylar zipper bags come with or without tear notch feature. These are sturdy 4 mil zipper bags with resealable zipper locking and heat sealable tab. The inner lining of these bags are coated with Mylar film for durability and content protection. The bottom portion of the bag has gussets so it can expand and hold more. The bottom gussets also allow the bags to stand up on their own on retailer shelves.

Because these Vista Mylar smell-proof bags come in silver finish, they make outstanding packaging for cannabis products. Customize each bag by sticking labels with your unique branding. Warning labels in accordance with state regulations can also be placed on the opaque side of these Mylar bags.

You cannot go wrong with these self-supporting metallic silver pouches with strong resealable zippers. These are constructed from FDA approved materials with amazing oxygen, aroma, and moisture and light barrier properties. These silver/clear Mylar bags can securely and beautifully hold cannabis-infused cookies, gummy bears, tea, hot chocolate powder, and other cannabis munchies.

Mylar bags are perfect for storing and packaging your best strains, too. Keep the freshness and potency of flowers with Dispensary Necessities’ reliable packaging supplies. Take a look at our huge inventory of containers and Mylar bags and see a variety of packaging options for your unique requirements. Dispensary Necessities provides you with hundreds of packaging possibilities for your dispensary. We have gold Mylar bags, white Mylar bags, kraft bags, exit bags, wide mouth jars, CVault containers, RX pop top bottles at incredibly cheap prices. Also available are gloves, tongs, scales, and other handling and processing supplies. Buy in bulk and enjoy wholesale pricing on dispensary essentials.