Give your herb or edibles a wholesome look by packaging them in kraft pouches. Dispensary Necessities offers kraft bags with inner Mylar lining at discounted prices. Buy in bulk and get big discounts on full opaque kraft Mylar bags and kraft Vista barrier pouches.

Our kraft Mylar clear bag features an exterior made of kraft paper and an interior lined with Mylar film. Mylar is a chemically-stable polyester film with gas and aroma barrier properties and high tensile strength. Mylar is the material of choice in packaging aromatic food. Mylar can also be used as protective coating in yogurt lids, as reflective material in greenhouses, and for thermal control of emergency blankets. Mylar’s amazing properties seems to perfectly suit the requirements in packaging cannabis. 

If you want a completely odor-proof, airtight, and moisture-resistant packaging, go for our Mylar bags.  Our Vista kraft Mylar smell-proof bags are especially popular because they are designed with two different sides, one is clear or transparent and the other is opaque. This flexible package design makes product marketing more effective and convenient as the clear panel showcases your prized cannabis products. The transparent side also makes it easy to monitor the quality of the contents or the internal humidity as displayed by a humidity card.

Dispensary Necessities’ kraft clear Mylar bags are also designed with a resealable closure, heat sealable top, and a bottom gusset so it can stand on its own. This flexible packaging option is popular because of the organic look and feel that it exudes. 

Both our kraft opaque and kraft clear Mylar bags are compliant with the cannabis packaging regulations in the State of Washington. These smell-proof marijuana bags are constructed from PET/PE plastic and have no easy-open tabs, corners, dimples, or flap. As mentioned, these can easily be heat-sealed through the use of an impulse sealer (that’s also available at our online store). 

Our kraft Mylar bags come in different sizes to accommodate 1 gram, 1/8 ounce and ¼ ounce of cannabis products. These moisture barrier bags are perfect for storing retail marijuana and medical cannabis as well as for tamper proofing wax and oil concentrates. 

Dispensary Necessities has a wide range of packaging options for safely storing cannabis products. We sell cannabis containers in different types and sizes to meet the exact specifications you require. Take a look at our categories and buy your dispensary essentials at wholesale prices here at Dispensary Necessities.