Dispensary Necessities has the lowest priced Mylar bags for cannabis storage. We have Mylar barrier bags for storing a gram or an ounce of cannabis product and they are available in different finishes. Choose our opaque black Mylar smell-proof bag for a more inconspicuous storage of marijuana. Choose our Vista Mylar smell-proof bags for showcasing or displaying cannabis products as these barrier bags come with a transparent front and an opaque back. 

If you prefer to package your cannabis products in a container with a natural, earthy look, then choose our Kraft Mylar Smell-Proof Bags. These bags are constructed from durable kraft paper with an interior coating of Mylar. You’ll see a matte kraft exterior and Mylar interior to protect contents from air and humidity. These kraft bags are a popular choice in cannabis packaging because of the natural, organic look it gives to the product.  Designed for the packaging needs of dispensaries, these Mylar stand-up zip pouches with kraft exterior can securely store edibles, herbal supplements, and powdered drink mixes. 

Our kraft zipper bags lined with Mylar have exceptional moisture and gas barrier properties thereby ensuring the freshness and potency of products stored inside. These bags are food-safe, too, and will not transfer toxic chemicals into the bag’s contents. Our kraft Mylar smell-proof bags come with re-closable zipper and are also designed with tamper-evident heat-sealable header. The choice is yours if you want it heat-sealed or not. 

You can get our Kraft Mylar Smell-Proof Bags in Full Opaque or Vista styles. Our vista kraft mylar bags come with one transparent side and an opaque backing for a more stylish product display. Edibles and flowers showcase great in these Vista Kraft Mylar Smell-Proof Bags. See your products fly off the shelves when you securely and attractively package them in one of our odor-proof Mylar bags. 

For your other cannabis storage requirements, feel free to browse our entire collection of exit bags, jars, vials, and bottles. Processing and handling supplies like tongs, gloves, and heat sealers are also available here at Dispensary Necessities. Shop wholesale and get better savings plus free shipping with your bulk purchase.