Cannabis product can be prepared correctly and can be packaged with the best materials but its quality can still degrade if the packaging isn’t heat sealed correctly. To make sure that you give your packaging tight, complete, and impermeable seal, use a high-quality, heavy duty heat sealer.

Heat sealing is an economical method to further ensure product integrity during product packaging. It requires no special materials and the process can be completed in an instant.

Looking for a heat sealing equipment? Manual bag heat sealers are available at discounted prices here at Dispensary Necessities. We offer Impulse Heat Sealers that can help you easily and conveniently heat seal Mylar bags for storing and packaging cannabis-infused products.

We have 8-inch and 16-inch portable heat sealing machines that deliver a tamper-proof seal for Mylar pouches. These sealers provide excellent air and watertight seals on plastic bags that are 6 mil thick or less. Our quality impulse hand sealers can provide a durable seal on Mylar bags, polyurethane, polypropylene, pliofilm, saran, kel-f, PVA, and polyflex materials. These heavy duty yet easy-to-use impulse bag sealers feature a secure 2mm wide heat seal.

The impulse heat sealers we offer are ready to use and will require no warming up. All you need to do is place the pouch or bag between the seal bars, press down, then release. These heat sealers come equipped with a set timer to provide bags of various thickness with the right seal. The timer light feature tells when a tight seal has been completed. The timer is a valuable feature as controlling the strength of heat seal is a challenging goal to achieve. Oversealing can result in burn through, which creates tiny openings where oxygen, bacteria, and water can pass through.

Dispensary Necessities can also supply you with replacements parts for 8-inch and 16-inch impulse heat sealers. A replacement kit comes with wire elements and upper Teflon tape.

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