Looking for a cost-effective solution for cannabis packaging? Dispensary Supplies offers the lowest prices in glass jars, wide mouth bottles, pop top vials, exit bags, and Mylar bags.

Our Mylar bags are the perfect packaging for flowers and other moisture-sensitive cannabis products. These bags are available in different varieties to suit your dispensary’s and your customers’ specific needs. We have full opaque Mylar bags as well as Vista Mylar bags which come with one opaque side and a clear, transparent side. We have Mylar bags in black, white, gold, silver and kraft. Also available are specially sturdy, heat-sealable PET/PE Mylar bags designed in accordance with the regulations in the State of Washington.

All of these barrier bags are smell-proof, moisture resistant, and oxygen resistant. You can never go wrong with this superior packaging solution that’s also the top choice in the food industry. We offer food-grade Mylar bags that won’t transfer toxic substances into the cannabis products they are holding.

Our Vista Black Clear Mylar Bags, in particular, are dual sided barrier bags with one opaque side and one clear or transparent side. As the name suggests, Vista bags offer a view through its clear front. The clear panel in front serves as the “window” for customers to easily identify the contents while the black backing is a great background to highlight the content’s appearance. This style of barrier bag is perfect for showcasing the quality of flowers or displaying appetizing cannabis edibles. Also known as a window bag, this type of Mylar bag will be helpful in making your products stand out.

And because these barrier bags are lined with DuPont-developed Mylar, expect that stored cannabis will be kept fresh and shelf life will be increased.

Dispensary Necessities only sells high quality products. Our Mylar bags are 4.5 mil thick, sturdy, heat-sealable, and resealable. You can get these Black/Clear Mylar Smell Proof Bags in quarter ounce, half ounce, eighth ounce, one pound, one ounce and one gram sizes. We also offer Clear Front Black Back Vista Mylar Bags for pre-rolls in vertical and horizontal orientations. Buy in bulk and save! Get free shipping, too, for your purchase worth $250 or more.