Preserve the aroma, potency and freshness by storing them in the right container. One excellent storage option is the use of a Mylar bag. This is a vapor barrier bag that blocks light, moisture and oxygen – the three main causes of degradation in cannabis. Don’t just rely on oxygen absorbers. Get high quality Mylar bags at Dispensary Necessities and keep your stash in perfect condition.

Dispensary Necessities’ Mylar smell-proof bags serve a variety of purposes to meet the needs of dispensaries.

Mainly used as a storage container, Mylar bags can securely store retail and medical. These Mylar zipper bags are made from polyester film with aroma barrier properties so it can certainly conceal the scent.

These black Mylar smell-proof bags are full opaque bags and make great exit bags. Use these black Mylar bags for tamper-proofing concentrate containers filled with dabs, wax or oil concentrates.

The zip top opening makes products conveniently available and easily accessible. For long term storage, the top portion of the bag can be heat-sealed for better protection. Portable heat sealer machines are also available here at Dispensary Necessities.

They are available in different sizes so you can pick the appropriate baggie size to store a specific gram or ounce. From zipper bags for a gram to Mylar bags in black for an ounce, Dispensary Necessities can supply them to you at the best prices. We also carry black Mylar bags in special sizes to fit edibles, pre-rolls, and syringes.

If you prefer to use zipper bags with one side that’s transparent for presentation purposes, please choose our Vista Mylar Bags. For a classier packaging, we recommend our white Mylar smell-proof bags.

Dispensary Necessities can also supply you with other dispensary essentials such as dropper bottles, RX pop top bottles, child-resistant containers, prescription bags, reversible cap vials, oval bottles, humidity packs, and empty pill capsules. You can also get your handling and processing supplies from us so you can avail of our free shipping once your order reaches $200. Buy dispensary supplies in bulk and get big savings on your purchase here at Dispensary Necessities.