Mylar Smell Proof Bags

Ditch those cheap, flimsy bags and go for our high-quality mylar smell-proof bags that you can get at a reasonable price.

We offer smell-proof mylar bags of the highest durability. These are U.S.-made bags designed to be odor-proof and capable of moisture control. They are manufactured to be a top quality barrier packaging to ensure freshness and potency.

Mylar bags are highly recommended for long-term food storage. The light, thin, flexible yet durable and strong material for which mylar bags are made of is seen to be completely effective in protecting food from oxygen, moisture and light. And if this type of packaging is the gold standard for quick and easy food storage, then mylar bags would simply be perfect for storing.

Everyone is looking for smell-proof mylar bags and Dispensary Necessities can supply your dispensary with it. Different mylar smell-proof bags are available for you to choose from. We have mylar bags in different colors, sizes and materials to suit the different needs of consumers. Available in our wide selection of smell-proof mylar bags are bags for storing syringes, pre-rolls, buds and edibles. Our mylar bags can also be used for tamper proofing concentrates.

Dispensary Necessities offers mylar bags with transparent front and colored and opaque backing. Full opaque mylar bags are available, too, to help you comply with stricter packaging regulations.  Opaque mylar bags deliver utmost privacy while mylar pouches with transparent front are for display packaging. Also included in our inventory of top-quality storage bags are kraft pouches. Whichever you choose, expect pouch bags that will provide the highest barrier protection from air, water, and light.

Our Mylar zipper bags are easy to fill, food-safe, tear-resistant, and sealable. They feature strong zipper closure and a multi-layer construction that enables it to effectively lock in flavor, extend the content’s shelf life, and keep the contents fresh even after opening the bag. These bags will stand up beautifully on a shelf for display, too.

The clear front with silver back variety is among our bestsellers as it elegantly displays products. The silver backing makes the contents stand out. Display in a more striking way when you use our mylar bag with silver backing. There is also an extreme demand for our barrier bags with brown kraft paper exterior as this packaging style offers a more organic look and feel.

The Mylar bags we offer are quality barrier bags that you can get at a low cost. Use them for storing individual or multiple servings. Pre-rolls as well as edibles can be safely stored in these smell-proof mylar bags. Your products will surely look great in our mylar smell-proof bags.

Entice customers and keep products from drying out through the use of quality and stylish containers. Aside from offering durable mylar bags, Dispensary Necessities also has Pre-Roll Tubes, Childproof Bags, Dropper Bottles, and Pop Top Bottles. When you’re concerned about proper storage, privacy and marketing, just shop for packaging solutions online at Dispensary Necessities.