Mega Vial Containers

Looking for affordable storage and packaging solutions? You’ve come to the right place. Dispensary Necessities, a one-stop shop for wholesale dispensary supplies, has what you need to keep products in best condition. Included in our range of containers are sturdy and airtight concentrate containers, hinged lid containers, child-resistant pop top bottles, ointment jars, mylar bags, wide mouth jars, reversible cap vials, and mega vial containers.

Mega Vials are larger prescription bottles ideal for storing vitamins, pills and supplements. They come in different sizes ranging from 100cc to 750cc and in black or white bottle color. Because of the wider mouth of these extra large vials, there shouldn’t be any problem filling and emptying these mega vial containers. For your customers who make their own capsules, these mega vials are the perfect containers for their caps.

Dispensary Necessities’ mega vials are made from high density, food-grade plastic. Our top-quality mega vial containers are designed to protect from harmful light, excess air, and other elements that could affect the quality of stored medication or herb.

To prevent light penetration, these mega bottles are designed with opaque finish (also for content privacy). The airtight screw top cover, on the other hand, prevents air from entering and causing evaporative loss which in turn causes trichomes to become brittle and less flavorful. Product freshness is guaranteed with the airtight, odor-proof, and moisture-resistant design of these mega vials.

These mega vial containers also have the industry standard child-resistant push-down-and-turn cap mechanism that’s compliant with the regulations in all states that have legalized for medical and adult use.

When typical, small vials can’t hold one’s stash, you have mega vial containers to offer.

Too many containers to choose from and offer to your customers? That’s actually good. Provide more options so patients and consumers can pick the right type and right size of container to suit their specific needs and of course, to prevent unnecessary degradation of products.

We can’t stress enough the importance of choosing the right packaging and container. Store buds in a Ziploc and see its quality decline in just a few days. Store buds in an airtight, smell-proof, moisture-resistant, opaque bottle and it will stay fresh and tasty for longer. It’s perfectly fine to be picky when it comes to storing. After all, no one really wants to consume anything that has lost its aroma, flavor, and purpose.

So seal in freshness and flavor and ensure potency by storing them in the right container. You have Dispensary Necessities to provide you with a wide variety of packaging and storage solutions.

Along with wide mouth jars, mega vial containers, and glass jars, we also have shrink bands and exit bags. Buy in bulk and enjoy big savings on your dispensary supplies. Get containers at the lowest prices online when you shop at Dispensary Necessities. For a more awesome shopping experience, spend at least $200 and get free shipping!