Juicy Hemp Wraps Black N' Blueberry 25 Count

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Juicy Hemp Wraps Black N' Blueberry

Want a rolling paper that’s berry-good? Give Juicy’s Black N Blueberry Hemp Wraps a try and see how these tobacco-free rolling papers deliver a tasty and berrilicious smoke.

Carefully made using 100% all-natural pure hemp, these legal smoking herb wrappers roll and feel like the usual tobacco wrap minus the harmful nicotine. These provide the same slow and even burn but now with the addition of a more aromatic and flavorful smoke. Juicy makes their rolling papers truly juicy through their triple-dip flavoring system where they infuse each sheet (not just the gumbline) with three times the fruity goodness and aroma compared to those from other brands. So if you want a sweet smoke experience, do not hesitate to wrap your lips around a flavored rolling paper like this Juicy Black N Blueberry Hemp Wrap.                   

Order a box today and get enough hemp wraps to last you a good time. Each box contains 25 resealable packs with 2 sheets per pack.

  • Use/Style: Rolling paper
  • Brand: Juicy
  • Material: 100% Pure Hemp
  • Flavor: Blackberry and blueberry         
  • Color: Natural brown
  • Quantity: 25 packs with 2 wraps per pack