Joint And Blunt Tubes

For those who appreciate the art of rolling, a high quality joint or blunt tube is important. Dispensary Necessities provides premium joint and blunt tubes made from medical-grade polypropylene plastic that’s also BPA-free.

Take a look at our easy, convenient and safe packaging solutions for your pre-rolls.

These tubes come with airtight seal to preserve cannabis’ freshness. We have tubes with simple screw top design and basic squeeze top design.  For maximum freshness, the use of joint and blunt tubes in the right shape and size is highly recommended.  We offer joint tubes in the classic tube shape and in cone shape.

Dispensary Necessities have the necessary joint and blunt tubes to address the needs of those who prefer to roll their cannabis with tobacco paper and those who prefer translucent papers.  Our joint and blunt tubes are designed primarily to keep joints intact. The structure of a beautifully rolled joint is guaranteed to be protected in a joint tube. These sleek-looking tubes are ideal in protecting pre-rolls when traveling. With our joint tubes, cannabis enthusiasts and medical marijuana patients will never be disappointed again in seeing and trying to smoke twisted and crushed joints. For those who need to travel with their pre-rolls, they can keep it in perfect condition by using joint tubes.   These cannabis containers, of course, come with airtight seal to ensure that joints are kept fresh and tasty until the time when it is to be consumed.

Joint tubes are also perfect for those who want to save half a joint for later. For those who do not have enough time to smoke an entire blunt, they can simply keep it safe inside a blunt tube instead of throwing it away. Half-smoked joints will be safe in a quality joint and blunt tube. Dispensary Necessities offers blunt and joint tubes in 98mm and 109mm, in small and wide mouth for storing single or multiple joints. We have them in different colors including violet, green, orange, red, yellow, and blue.   We have them in classic black, white, and gold, too.

Our joint and blunt tubes are available in opaque and translucent finishes to suit a consumer’s preference. Aside from storing pre-rolled joints, these tube containers can also be used as exit packaging or for storing vaporizer cartridges. There’s a way to safely and stylishly carry joints and that’s through the use of airtight, smell-proof, colored pre-roll tubes.

Dispensary Necessities also offers child resistant joint tubes to keep curious little hands from consuming what isn’t meant for them. These childproof joint/blunt containers feature pop-top opening that’s CPSC certified.

No matter which cannabis culture your customers follow, make sure you provide them with appropriate and high-quality packaging and storage containers.

At Dispensary Necessities, you can find quality cannabis containers with added benefit of increased security.  Included in our inventory of marijuana containers with child resistant seal are childproof bags and Philips RX pop top bottles. Browse our full collection of dispensary supplies and find cannabis containers that deliver convenience, security, and efficiency in storing cannabis.