Humidity Packs

Ideally, buds must be stored in storage with a humidity range of 55% to 62% to keep them fluffy, potent, and free of molds and mildew. Cannabis flowers are sensitive and highly dense and if humid air gets trapped inside the bud, humidity-borne disease will easily grow and spread. If the environment is overly dry, precious terpenes and cannabinoids will break down and aroma, flavor and medical benefits of cannabis will be lost. That is why it is very important that humidity is controlled when growing, drying, curing, storing or preserving cannabis.

To keep cannabis fresh, potent, tasty, and of high quality, the right storage container must be used. Dispensary Necessities has a vast range of airtight, moisture-resistant and smell-proof containers for storing herb, buds, joints and edibles. We also have humidity packs that can effectively prevent the degradation of active ingredients in cannabis.

Don’t risk losing your harvest or damaging the integrity of your brand or dispensary. Use a humidity regulator to keep cannabis fresh and its THC level stable.

We have the bestselling humidity packs from top brands Integra and Boveda. A two-way humidity control packet like Integra Boost can monitor ambient humidity and will remove excess moisture when it becomes too high and add enough moisture when relative humidity becomes too low. The specially prepared Boveda humidity packs work the same way in preventing the loss of oil, flavor, potency, and aroma of stored cannabis. Both Integra and Boveda humidity packs are available in different sizes and humidity ranges so you can pick one that’s appropriate for the container size and amount of cannabis product.

These humidity packs will never over-humidify so one can use more than one pack to efficiently and precisely control humidity in a specific humidor container size. Below is a guide on the right amount and size of humidity packs to use.

  • Humidity Pack 320 gram is best for 5lbs of flower
  • Humidity Pack 67 gram is best for up to 1 lb of flower
  • Humidity Pack 8 gram is best for ½ to 1 oz of flower
  • Humidity Pack 4 gram is best for ½ oz of flower

Dispensary Necessities carries humidity stabilizers for dispensary use or for retail sale. Humidity packs may also be used to keep other humid-sensitive products like medicine, food, cigars and wood preserved for longer periods of time.

Buy in bulk and enjoy bigger savings on Integra 2-Way Humidity Regulators and Boveda Humidipaks. Also purchase your other dispensary supplies from us and get free shipping when you spend at least $250.