Hinged Lid Containers

Find the lowest priced storage and dispensary packaging here at Dispensary Necessities. From glass jars and pop top bottles to childproof bags and hinged lid containers, we have the best storage solutions to protect from heat and humidity.

Our Hinged Lid Containers, in particular, are the best in the market. These vials are molded out of high quality, durable, food-grade polypropylene plastic and feature a flat tube bottom shape.

The durable hinged-lid allows easy access to the contents. Consumers can easily open and close the vial through its flip-open and snap-shut mechanism. One-hand operation allows ease of use and absolute convenience. And with the top cover permanently attached to the vial, users will never lose a lid.

These hinged lid containers are, of course, designed to be moisture-resistant. They come with an airtight hinged folding lid that, even with its basic mechanism, is still able to seal in odor. With the scent contained in the packaging, patients or customers won’t bother anyone when they’re in a less than friendly environment.

When storing, one cannot simply use any bag or container. Product must be protected against light and air, too, for it to retain its aroma, flavor and potency. Aside from ensuring that our containers come with airtight lids, they are also designed in UV resistant colors. Remember that ultraviolet light is the biggest cause of degradation in stored product. Using containers that block out UV rays is important in protecting from degradation.   A smell-proof, airtight, moisture-resistant container is what’s appropriate and our hinged lid containers fit the bill just right.

Our hinged lid containers are available in different colors also for a more creative and inconspicuous display of collection. We have them in blue, green, pink, purple, and red. We also offer hinged lid containers in classic black and in clear finish.

The small, pocket-friendly size of these hinged lid vials provides a convenient way for medical patients and recreational consumers to transport safely. These containers can store up to 1 gram. Alternatively, our hinged lid containers can also be used to store pills and regular medication. You can easily label these multipurpose hinged lid containers for easy identification of contents.

Buy in bulk and save big! Dispensary Necessities offers a box of 600 hinged lid containers for a very low price. These hinged lid vials are one of our most versatile containers and you can get them today, online, at a reasonable rate. Other storage options like Push & Turn Vials, Dropper Bottles, Philips RX Pop Tops, and Concentrate Containers are available. Baggies are a thing of the past. Store in sleek, stylish, more discreet containers like the ones we offer. Dispensary Necessities has beautiful, uncommonly elegant containers to match the well-lit, spacious, airy, and high-end look of your dispensary or collective.