Handling & Processing Supplies

Dispensary Necessities provides high quality supplies for storing, handling and dispensing cannabis for medical and adult use. We offer the lowest prices on glass jars and bottles, pop top vials, joint and blunt tubes, mylar bags, exit bags, and smoke shop supplies. Aside from offering storage essentials that help streamline dispensary inventory management, we also have display and curing necessities. To ensure that your dispensary’s day-to-day operations run smoothly, get your basic supplies from us.

Our range of Handling and Processing Supplies features the things you need to ensure that cannabis products are handled with care. Never let bare hands come in contact with precious buds, for safety and hygiene purposes. Our powder-free gloves won’t transfer any powder to your precious cannabis. We have medical-grade Nitrile gloves that are non-reactive, allergy-safe, and puncture-resistant. These disposable protective gloves are all available in different sizes.

You see, flowers are not just the only thing that you should be careful of handling. Oils and concentrates are seen to be at greater risk of contamination so use gloves to prevent any outside contaminants from sticking to them. Most health code regulations also require the use of gloves when handling food-grade products like cannabis edibles.

We know you’re aware of the importance of taking all practicable measures to ensure that nothing contaminates your prized cannabis. So equip your staff, especially the bud tenders, in your dispensary with the right tools to safely handle and dispense flowers, concentrates, edibles, and pre-rolls.

Get your supplies from Dispensary Necessities and save on supply costs. Aside from quality gloves for bud tenders and cannabis growers, we also have other personal protective equipment such as disposable coveralls, hair covers, beard nets, and shoe covers.

Also on sale at our one-stop online supply shop are extraction tubes, tongs, chopsticks, paper cups, pruners, trimmers, floral scissors, vacuum bags, double-walled cardboard boxes, and bubble cushioning wrap. We can also supply you with high-value equipment like vaporizer cartridge filling machines. All of these dispensary handling and processing supplies are manufactured to meet stringent quality standards.

Dispensary Necessities is a reliable wholesaler of dispensary essentials offering great discounts on bulk purchases of storage and packaging supplies. We carry a full range of dispensary supplies to meet the needs of dispensaries, collectives, growers, and medical cannabis patients. Shop our bestsellers now and take advantage of our weekly deal. Order at least $250 worth of items and get free shipping.