Handling & Processing Supplies

Dispensary Necessities provides high quality supplies for storing, handling and dispensing. We offer the lowest prices on glass jars and bottles, pop top vials, pre-roll tubes, mylar bags, exit bags, and smoke shop supplies. Aside from offering storage essentials that help streamline dispensary inventory management, we also have display and curing necessities. To ensure that your dispensary’s day-to-day operations run smoothly, get your basic supplies from us.

Our range of Handling and Processing Supplies features the things you need to ensure that product is handled with care. Never let bare hands come in contact for safety and hygiene purposes. Our powder-free gloves won’t transfer any powder to your precious product. We have medical-grade Nitrile gloves that are non-reactive, allergy-safe, and puncture-resistant. These disposable protective gloves are all available in different sizes.

You see, flowers are not just the only thing that you should be careful of handling. Oils and concentrates are seen to be at greater risk of contamination so use gloves to prevent any outside contaminants from sticking to them. Most health code regulations also require the use of gloves when handling food-grade products.

We know you’re aware of the importance of taking all practicable measures to ensure that nothing contaminates your prized. So equip your staff, especially the tenders, in your dispensary with the right tools to safely handle and dispense, concentrates, and pre-rolls.

Get your supplies from Dispensary Necessities and save on supply costs. Aside from quality gloves for bud tenders and growers, we also have other personal protective equipment such as disposable coveralls, hair covers, beard nets, and shoe covers.

Also on sale at our one-stop online supply shop are extraction tubes, tongs, chopsticks, paper cups, pruners, trimmers, floral scissors, vacuum bags, double-walled cardboard boxes, and bubble cushioning wrap. We can also supply you with high-value equipment like vaporizer cartridge filling machines. All of these dispensary handling and processing supplies are manufactured to meet stringent quality standards.

Dispensary Necessities is a reliable wholesaler of dispensary essentials offering great discounts on bulk purchases of storage and packaging supplies. We carry a full range of dispensary supplies to meet the needs of dispensaries, collectives, growers, and medical patients. Shop our bestsellers now and take advantage of our weekly deal. Order at least $200 worth of items and get free shipping.

  • Skintx Black Latex Powder-Free Gloves

    These top quality black latex gloves from SkinTx® are available at Dispensary Necessities at an economical price. Made from industrial-grade natural rubber latex known for its durability, comfortable fit, light weight, and enhanced tactile...

  • Skintx Fit Latex Powder-Free Gloves

    These single-use lightweight SkinTx® FIT Examination Gloves are preferred by many because of its exceptional fit. These gloves are made from natural high quality latex and feature high tensile strength, high touch sensitivity, textured palms for...

  • Skintx Black Nitrile Powder-Free Gloves

    Designed with users’ safety and comfort in mind, these SkinTx® Black Nitrile Gloves offer secure gripping, exceptional durability, outstanding resistance against chemicals, and strong puncture resistance. Use these gloves for personnel and...

  • Skintx Nitrile Powder-Free Gloves

    Perfect for harvesting, trimming, processing and handling herbs, these soft and flexible nitrile gloves in blue can provide you with the protection your hand and your plants need. No more cross contamination, no more resin transferred to hands and no...

  • Skintx Vinyl Powder-Free Gloves 100 Count

    These low-cost vinyl gloves can protect not only your growers and bud tenders but also the products they touch. Ensure product integrity (quality and potency of buds) and safety of your personnel by stocking on these personal protective gloves from...

  • USA Glass Extraction Tube

    This 20-inch long, high quality extraction tube is perfect for extracting oils from your favorite strain.  Made from super thick, laboratory-grade glass, these tubes are strong enough to marinate and purge your trim and give you some aromatic and...

  • Polycarbonate Flat Grip Black Tongs 6"

    One important dispensary handling and processing supply is a set of tongs.  Tongs can act as ‘serving spoons’ that budtenders can use to retrieve buds from a jar so they don’t have to use their bare hands and contaminate the...

  • Polycarbonate Flat Grip Clear Tongs 6"

    Get a dozen of these budtending tongs and keep bare hands from touching precious buds.  A pair of tongs is an efficient tool to get buds from a large container to dispense to a vial or smaller container. The use of tongs is necessary when handling...

  • Polycarbonate Flat Grip Green Tongs 6"

    Safe steps in bud handling are necessary to prevent product contamination so make sure you equip your personnel with the right training on workplace station and the proper tools for them to do their job with ease. Make sure your dispensary is complete...

  • Stainless Steel Chopsticks 10.75"

    Pick up delicate buds without damaging it one bit by using this pair of stainless steel chopsticks. When used for dispensing products, chopsticks are basically just like tongs  - only smaller and more precise. With this pair of 10.75 inch...

  • 4 oz. Paper Cups - 50 Count

    Proper handling is essential in running a reputable dispensary; it provides your customers with peace of mind knowing that any possible contaminants have been kept away from their purchase and it makes your store compliant with state regulations. One of...

  • Micro Blade Pruner 2"

    This hand pruner with 2-inches stainless steel blades is a favorite of gardeners. Why? Well, it is comfortable to use, has super sharp blades that make precise cuts, is spring loaded which helps reduce hand fatigue, and has a sideways locking mechanism...

  • Curved Micro Blade Pruner 2"

    Want a handy and lightweight tool that’s good at getting a quick trim done? This curved micro blade pruner is what you are looking for. This pruning shear is designed with stainless steel, fine-pointed tips that are curved and narrow so it will be...

  • Long Micro Blade Length 3"

    This stainless steel shears is the perfect companion for manicuring buds. This pair of scissors features a sharp micro blade that has a 3-inch length. Ideal for precision cutting stems and branches or fine pruning or trimming buds, this micro trimmer...

  • Precision Micro Trimmer 2"

    Of course you wouldn’t want to see the flower you’ve worked so hard to grow get damaged from all your trimmings. The best way to avoid this is to use the right pair of trimmer or pruner to neatly manicure your plants. Get into the tight...

  • Curved Precision Micro Blade Trimmer 2"

    Excess foliage is an eyesore so get those buds look well-manicured through precision trimming. Use this curved precision micro blade trimmer that’s 6.5 inches long and equipped with 2-inch razor sharp blade. With this pair of scissors, it will be...

  • Floral Scissors With Blade Cap 3"

    These floral scissors with extra long 70mm blades can surely get tough trimming jobs done.  The long blade makes it easy to reach deep areas and precisely cut specific stems, flowers or leaves. Pinpoint trimming is hassle-free when you use this...

  • Deluxe Trimming Scissors 1.5"

    This all purpose deluxe trimming scissors is a great choice for kitchen and garden applications as well as for crafts purposes and medicinal herb trimming.  No wonder this deluxe trimming scissors with straight 1.5-inch blade is the weapon of choice...

  • Bent Handle Deluxe Trimming Scissors 1.5"

    Looking for a simple yet sharp hand shears to help you harvest a small bud crop?  This 1.5-inch carbon steel deluxe trimming scissors with bent handle is an excellent bud trimmer at a cost-effective price. Trimming will be a less tedious process...