Glass Jars & Bottles

While patients may have different preferences, all of them want their product to be fresh. To ensure potency, flavor, and freshness, product must be properly stored to protect it from light, mold, and humidity. But storage can be tricky if you use substandard packaging.

Here is where Dispensary Necessities can help. Dispensary Necessities is the top choice for glass jars and bottles. We offer a large selection of packaging including screw cap jars, suction lid glass jars, and wooden lid jars in various sizes. Whether you need a glass jar for a gram of stash or a bigger glass jar that can generously store 28 grams of herb, Dispensary Necessities can provide it for you.

Our airtight glass jars and bottles can help retain the content. The firm seal of our jars minimizes oxygen exposure thus keeping high-grade fresh and potent.  Doctors recommend glass jars with airtight lid to protect from exposure to moisture and keep its distinct aroma from seeping out.

So to ensure the quality of the premium, hand-selected product that you sell or use, make sure you get the proper storage jar and bottle for it.

Save big on glass jars and bottles when you shop online at Dispensary Necessities.

Take advantage of our wholesale price on glass jars and bottles. Our jars are made from thick, Grade A pharmaceutical glass that guarantees protection of your products against moisture and oxygen. These airtight jars come in odor-proof design, too. Dispensary Necessities’ glass jars and bottles are available in twist-screw or suction cap options.

These crystal clear glass jars and bottles are perfect for displaying your indica and sativa flowers as well as your hybrid strains.  Now you can showcase the quality of your products in a convenient, stylish, and safe manner.

Also available are tamper-resistant inliners to ensure product quality and purity. Dispensary Necessities can also supply you with stylish black caps in glossy finish. Seal any jar nicely with this nifty lid option.

You may also want to get our child-resistant caps for your customers who need to child-proof their stash. These special caps come with push-and-twist locking so an explorative child can’t easily open a jar.

Dispensary Necessities takes great care in ensuring that all our products follow all applicable measures in providing containers for medical use.