Generic Small Paper RX Bag 3000 Count

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Generic Small Paper RX Bag 3000 Count

Looking for high-grade pharmacy bags? These generic prescription bags are made from top-grade paper that effectively protects contents against contaminants, excess moisture and vapor. These small generic exit bags can be used in storing flowers, concentrates, edibles and vape supplies. Use secondary packaging such as these and let your customers transport their medication from your dispensary to their home in a compliant, safe and discreet manner.

Pre-printed with pharmaceutical logo and warnings (“Do not open until final destination” and “Keep out of reach of children”), these bags make an affordable RX exit packaging for your dispensary. Only one side is pre-printed with warning so you can use the other plain white side for additional warnings and compliance labels as well as for branding. Easy to store and quick to fill, these paper exit bags in white must always be included in your dispensary supplies.

Also available in medium and large sizes. Sold in packs of 3000 pieces.

  • Size: Small
  • Dimensions: 3.5” x 1.42” x 10.43”
  • Color:  White with design
  • Material:   Paper
  • Quantity per order: 3,000
  • With pinched bottom