Empty Pill Capsules

Not everyone likes to torch to get its benefits. There are those who prefer to get an oral dose so they won’t subject themselves to unwanted calories and ingredients. There are also those with compromised lung health. The option for them is to take capsules. These capsules offer a safe and effective delivery.

Caps can be made at home. Dispensary Necessities has empty pill capsules available for DIY.  Our clear gelatin capsules are made from 100% natural ingredients and have met strict allergy and pharmaceutical standards. We also made sure we offer empty pill capsules that are Halal and Kosher certified. Dispensary Necessities’ clear gel capsules can be used to store powders and herbal supplements.

We can also supply you with empty vegetarian capsules in transparent finish. These vegan-friendly pill capsules are made from 100% plant derived ingredients. They contain no gelatin, gluten, wheat, starch, animal by-product or preservative. These vegetarian capsules are the best option for those who cannot consume meat for dietary, cultural, or religious reasons.

At Dispensary Necessities, you can get empty pill capsules in different sizes to suit your needs. The size of the gel caps is important so offering a selection of capsules in different sizes would be good. Sizes that are too small may pose difficulty for caps makers. Gel caps that are too big, on the other hand, may be too hard to swallow for some consumers.

To efficiently fill empty pill capsules, we recommend the use of a capsule filling machine. These handy helpers make filling capsules more convenient, less messy, and more precise. Those who use capsule filling machines in making capsules get better control on quality are able to customize additives, and get to save up to 75% in processing costs. These machines come in different sizes, too, to match specific capsule sizes. The capsule filling machines we offer all include a tamping tool to “tamp down” powder into the capsules.

Other dispensary supplies such as glass jars, pre-roll  tubes, containers, humidity packs, digital scales, and exit bags are also available at low, low prices here at Dispensary Necessities. TO get free shipping, purchase at least $200 worth of dispensary supplies.