Edibles Containers

Tasty cannabis-infused foods are becoming a popular alternative to smoking cannabis. Also known as “edibles,” these THC-infused food products are available in different shapes, forms, and flavors. Cannabis edibles may be in the form of chocolates, gummies or candies, baked goods like cookies and brownies, savory snacks or drinks. These edibles are the ideal choice for those who need to take cannabis for medical reasons as edibles provide longer-lasting effect.

It is important to note, however, that edibles are more susceptible to cannabinoid degradation hence they must be stored properly at all times. If your dispensary includes edibles in the menu, make sure you use the right container in storing and displaying cannabis-infused food.

Dispensary Necessities has a line of packaging supplies for cannabis edibles. Our bestselling edibles container is the hinged deli container made from durable, food-safe plastic. It comes with a heavy duty one-piece hinged construction that provides secure closure thereby guaranteeing the freshness of stored edibles.

These plastic containers come in different sizes and will securely hold a wide variety of cannabis edibles. They’re perfect for storing cookies, rice crispy treats, chips, granola bars, or a slice of cannabis-infused cheesecake. Present cannabis edibles in a more professional and appetizing way through the use of our classic clear edibles containers. Your customers will also appreciate the added convenience of being able to securely carry edibles wherever they go when you use our light yet strong plastic containers.

Take a look at our range of high quality yet low-priced edibles containers and score big savings when you buy in bulk. You’ll surely inspire impulse buys when you store and present cannabis-infused culinary creations in these classic clear deli containers.

Dispensary Necessities also has a wide selection of cannabis storage containers. Select from our wide range of cannabis packaging supplies which includes glass jars, RX pop top bottles, smell-proof mylar bags, dropper bottles, concentrate containers, and prescription and exit bags. Shop with confidence! Dispensary Necessities offers free shipping for orders above $250. Take advantage of our everyday low prices and stock up on your supply of different cannabis storage and packaging materials.

As your one-stop supply shop, we aim to provide you with the most comprehensive inventory of the finest dispensary supplies at the lowest prices. Also available for sale are supplies for storage, display and curing as well as digital scales, trimmers for handling and manicuring flowers, dispensary tongs and other supplies that promote sanitary handling of cannabis products.