Dropper Bottles

Looking for dropper bottles to store liquid THC or medical cannabis tinctures? Dispensary Necessities has a wide selection of tincture bottles with dropper perfect for pediatric patients and for those who prefer a more discreet dosing of cannabis medicine.

Using tinctures placed in dropper bottles allow you to take cannabis on the go. These bottles look like the ones used in conventional pharmaceutical medicines. They are lightweight and small enough to fit in your backpack, purse, or even your pocket.

For smokeless consumption of medical cannabis, patients use tinctures too. Those who prefer a healthier alternative to smoking use tinctures that they directly drop under their tongue. Aside from ease of dispensing and consumption, tinctures are preferred because it is formulated for rapid absorption. Within five to ten minutes, concentrate tinctures take effect. The use of tinctures also makes cannabis medicine safer for pediatric patients because it can provide a more controlled dosing. Proper dosing is very important and dropper bottles make giving a child patient a safe and accurate dosage.

Take a look at our selection of dropper bottles and find ones that best fit your needs. We have clear and tinted dropper bottles that can safely store cannabis tincture. Amber tincture bottles is ideal in preventing harmful UV rays from damaging cannabis oil and extracts.

All our dropper bottles adhere to medical marijuana packaging guidelines and are effective in keeping the freshness and potency of medical cannabis. Designed to provide mess-free usage, our dropper bottles are made from high quality, hygienic glass with durable rubber bulbs and plastic dropper tubes. The push-and-turn cap makes these bottles child-resistant. Our non-porous and impermeable glass dropper bottles can easily be labeled, too.

Dropper bottles make oral cannabis dispensing easier and more controlled. A standard dropper can hold about 1ml of liquid which is a proper dosage amount. Remember that cannabis tinctures are highly concentrated so a little goes a long way. Use this dropper bottle with rubber squeeze bulb to drop small amounts of cannabis tincture or liquid cannabis.

Liquid medical cannabis stored in opaque dropper bottles, away from heat or sunlight, can last a long time. Alcohol-based tinctures can be stored in air-tight and sealed dropper bottles for more than six months.

Other medical cannabis packaging choices such as childproof bags, smell-proof bags, glass jars and bottles, pop-top bottles, concentrate containers, and hinged lid containers are also available at Dispensary Necessities. 

  • Glass Amber Dropper Bottles - 48 Count

    Glass Amber Dropper Bottles - 48 Count

    Cannabis concentrates and tinctures, whether for medical or recreational use, must always be kept safe. And what better way to store these precious liquid solutions than by using UV-resistant glass dropper bottles. These bottles come in dark amber color...

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  • Glass Clear CR Dropper Bottles

    Glass Clear CR Dropper Bottles

    Dispense liquid THC the proper and precise way through the use of dropper bottles. We offer high quality glass dropper bottles in clear finish that permits easy content identification. These bottles have a classic shape, with round shoulders and rounded...

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  • Glass Blue CR Dropper Bottles

    Glass Blue CR Dropper Bottles

    Need a dropper bottle with a distinctive look? Get our blue child-resistant glass dropper bottles. Designed with rounded shoulder, rounded base, and cobalt blue finish, you’ll get the classic good looks of Boston round bottles in a sophisticated...

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  • Glass Amber CR Droppers

    Glass Amber Dropper Bottles

    Our high quality glass dropper bottles are designed to easily and accurately dispense cannabis oil or tincture medication. These conveniently sized dropper bottles are made from nonporous, impermeable, hygienic glass in amber finish to protect...

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